Drugstore skin care products that I use

Today, I would like to share with everyone the drugstore skin care products that I like, and I use as my regimen to substitute Acne.org products that I needed to order online and get them ship from US. I can save some $$$ by getting the substitution from local drugstore. Thank goodness that the drugstore products give me the effectiveness about 95% of Daniel Kern's regimen that I previously shared in my blog post.
Morning, I cleanse my face with Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. Evening, I still use Acne.org cleanser.

After washing my face with Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, I apply the Benzac AC 5% . I can't find the 2.5% of benzoyl peroxide anywhere that is in the Treatment of Acne.org. Therefore, I only use a thin layer of Benzac AC 5%  just enough to cover my whole face. In the evening, I still use Treatment from Acne.org as my 2nd step skin care regimen.
Wait for 3 to 5 minutes till all the BP in Benzac AC 5% is absorbed into the skin, then I press one pump of Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture combination skin and apply directly onto my whole face. This Neurtrogena moisturizer is light and good enough for day use. I still use the moisturizer from Acne.org as my evening regimen.
Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Pure-Mild Sunscreen Lotion SPF50+ is my favorite sunscreen lotion so far. I have used the 3rd tube already. I like it as it is not oily and it doesn't break me out at all. However, it will make the skin look patchy with white flake when it doesn't apply evenly.

This is me without any makeup. As it is Saturday, less people around, I need to go to gym right after work, so I don't put mascara, lipstick, blush and powder. There are still a few hormonal acne scars left on my chin. They can be easily concealed with makeup I believe.

I don't invest in expensive and branded skincare products. I don't buy serum and essence. I use only cleanser, treatment(BP), moisturizer and sunscreen (day only).  I put exfoliate and apply facial clay mask weekly. I go for facial once in two months. Lastly, I want to emphasize here that I have stopped all home remedies, such as diluted Apple Cider Vinegar and etc, because it didn't promise any significant result. Besides, keep the hands away from touching the face, drink plenty of water, get enough sleep and exercise more are all that matter for good skin.

To all Muslims, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Happy Holiday to all. 

Denim bags

I came to know someone who can sew beautiful bag with any material  provided. Besides, she quotes me a reasonable price for any item I request. Therefore, I keep buying jeans or jackets from the pre-loved store and pass to her. She can get my bags done very soon and I really like the bags that she made.

These are the items that I asked her to sew for me so far.

This is April's tuition bag.

This is May's tuition bag. 

This one I plan to give to my SIL as her birthday present in this August.

This is the first bag that she made for me, and I gave it to my sister as her birthday gift.

This is a leopard print material wristlet. I gave it to my sister as her Christmas present.

This is my newly ordered bag that April is going to use it to carry all her exercise and work books to school.

This is also another newly ordered bag that I have no plan who to give to at this moment. Just see who will be the lucky owner of this bag. May be I will keep it for myself. 

Other than denim bag, she can also  make backpack from old jacket. This is April's backpack.

This is May's backpack. It is made from a green color jacket.
This is made from a leopard print jacket. My sister loves it very much and I give to her again.

All of them are so lovely, right?  I also recommended many friends to her. She is telling me that she is so busy in her bag sewing business now.

Do you also like these type of non-branded but very unique bag? 

Things that we do at Pangkor Island beach

It had been quite some time since my last update. We went for a short holiday at Pangkor Island. The nearest beach to the place we live.

All we wanted from these 3D2N stay was relaxing, staying calm, no worries and only peace.  Yes, we got what we wanted and we felt great after the holiday.

Here are those favourite moments that we captured.
Family pictures before getting wet.

Getting wet by the sea.
At the side of the beach.
Always seeing people flaunting their yoga poses in bikinis. I followed suit.
Only limited Yoga poses that I know, and thank goodness they are enough for me to pose for the album.
Having bonding time with my two girls. These pictures are enough for them to laugh at themselves and me when they have grown up.
Clear weather and clean blue sea were the two reasons for us to swim in the morning and evening. 
Other than spending time together on the beach, we went out to the sea in boat, we did snorkeling, we tried canoeing, we feast on seafood and we chilled in the hotel room.

Looking forwards to our next holiday. That will only happen after April finishing her UPSR in September.

To all wonderful dads, happy father's day.

You are my gem

Let me write about my ten years old, May.

I am blessed to have her as my younger daughter indeed. I know that she will be my good friend forever. I just like the way she is. She is simple minded, happy go lucky and innocent. When I got mad at her, I just could not get angry with her for long, because she would become upset and remain very quiet. Then, I would start to feel worrying of her. Unlike her sister, May would not throw any temper or argue with me.

Besides, she is a very cute and sweet girl. She laughs easily over small things,  and most of the time she is very quiet girl.

Between her and her big sister, I can sense that she loves me more.

Today is her ten years old birthday. I just want to let her know.
Albeit being so stern and firm on you, I always love you unconditionally. May, you are my gem. 你是妈妈的宝。Mummy wants you to stay happy, sweet and healthy forever.

Special offer from EnviroHome

When comparing to the effort, time and cost that I spend on my skin, I would say I always neglect of my hair. I was born with thick and black hair. I have no fear on hair loss and other hair problems.

Therefore I never take good care of my hair. When I am involving in a lot of exercises, I wash my hair twice a day. Recently, I find that my hair is getting too dry and rough. Besides, the repeated hair coloring, straightening and curling have caused damaged on my hair. It is especially obvious at the hair ends.

Since I have no time to visit hair saloon for hair treatment, I must find a secret to healthy-looking hair. Thanks to EnviroHome Personal Care: Shampoo. I have started to use it twice. My hair is so smooth and manageable right now. I have thought of cutting my hair short to avoid further damaged by over washing, but now I change my mind that I must keep it longer than my shoulder.


The secret to healthy-looking hair The benefits of mineral salt, sea water extract and coconut oil can easily wash away dirt, pollen, allergens, leaving your hair healthy shine. The botanical derived formula is specially designed to restore hair’s natural moisture, balance and hydration. At the same time, it strengthens the scalp to maintain healthy hair, suitable for those with hair loss, greasy hair and clogged follicles. EnviroHome shampoo combines the essential oils of tea tree oil and rosemary oil to relieve itchy scalp and prevents from many hair problems like dandruff, cradle cap, head lice and etc.


Aqua, Mineral Salts, Sea Water Extract, Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera Extract, Lemon Extract, Tea Tree Leaf Oil, Rosemary Oil, Clary Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil


Wet hair thoroughly and apply 1-2 pumps of EnviroHome Shampoo on the hand and rub with some water. Gently massage onto scalp using your fingertips for 1 to 2 minutes and rinse off with water.

How To Use: 
Wet hair thoroughly.
Apply 1-2 pumps of EnviroHome Hair Shampoo to palms and rub with some water. 
Gently massage throughout the hair and scalp area with fingertips for 2-5 minutes.
Rinse Well. 

During first wash, there will be less foam and stronger odor because of the breaking down of dirt; after rinsing, natural fragrance will be restored. At initial use, people may have increased dandruff or the hair may feel more stiff due to the metabolism. Normal and healthy hair will be restored after sometime. 

Please be informed that Envirohome will be giving all my readers, friends and families 15% discount on all normal price products in the official website- www.envirohome.com.my, starting from now until 31st December 2016. 

Please type EHMsia as coupon code when you purchase, and don’t forget to type MY NAME such as “SheohYan16” in the box of “Add Comments About Your Order”.

Please check at the delivery term that stated in their website. Everything sounds real good and efficient. I love it when there is free shipping for order more than RM100. I would take this opportunity to re-post my old review entry on the other Envirohome products that I have been using.

You can also stay connected:
Re-posted Care for skin

Every day is a laundry day for us. My daughters' school uniforms, my husband and my work uniforms, our pajamas, our sports attires and other clothes When the haze was gone and the rainy season is here, the laundry is not drying completely, I can smell foul and musty on the damp clothes, especially my sports apparel. Worse, the moisture in the clothes can be breeding places for bacteria, which can cause skin allergies and other ailments. Envirohome is providing simple solutions to save everyday problems like rainy season laundry.

EnviroHome Laundry Detergent combined the natural power of cleaning with marine extract and botanical formula, to achieve brilliantly clean and natural unscented laundry. There is NO odor problem when hang dry the laundry inside the house, and it’s NO mildew smell for overnight soaking. This eco-friendly laundry detergent does not harm the environment, and helps to save your power and water bill and help save the environment at the same time.

Besides, it contains of Aqua, Mineral Salts, Sea Water Extract, Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera Extract, Lemon Extract, and Blue Gum Oil will ensure the laundry smells fresh and clean, rain or shine. While keeping clothes clean and germ-free, it has a Aloe Vera and Lemon scent that can be a breath of fresh air during rainy days. It’s specially formulated to be safe for the whole family, with antibacterial ingredients that fight germs and a fragrance that minimizes the risk of allergies. Plus it keeps clothes fresh even when the laundry is dried indoors, making it perfect for the rainy season.

Machine Wash : Pour 50ml of EnviroHome Laundry Detergent into the washer. For tough stains, pour a little Laundry Detergent directly on the stain and rub gently then pour the remaining into your washer. Hand Washing : Add about 25ml of EnviroHome Laundry Detergent into 5 liters of water and mix well. Soaking the clothes over 1 hour will show better result.

Some detergent has strong color, it will stain our clothes, if it is not mixed well with water. This Envirohome Laundry Detergent has no color, we don't have the worry of leaving any detergent stain when putting it directly onto the clothes.

My 11 years old, April suffered from skin allergy since she was just a new born. She always has itchiness on her hands, legs, back and body. I had brought her to see many skin doctors. Each time, the doctor would give her antihistamine drugs and claramine lotion. Sometime, when her skin allergy flared up, she has to get injection to make the itchiness, swollen, redness subside. She has skin allergy on and off, even though she is still on oral medicine every day. I want to thank Anay TM to share about the benefits of using Envirohome body wash in his blog. Because of his recommendation, I
received the Envirohome body wash for April for to try out.

She has been using it for two weeks, so far she has no more itchiness on her body. She has clear skin now. I plan to stop her oral medicine this few days and see how it goes. I believe she can do without the medicine very soon.

A chemical-free body cleanser for sensitive skin.

Get softer, smoother skin after shower.

Formulated with natural ingredient that help to clean all of the dirt and bacteria, removing sweat and smells on your body without damaging your natural texture skin, giving you a relaxing sensation.
More than just a body wash! Apply a small amount of EnviroHome Body Wash onto your scrapes or cuts after shower, the powerful healing qualities of rosemary essence oil will sooth and heal wound, eczema, atopic dermatitis and fungal infection. It contains Aqua, Mineral Salts, Sea Water Extract, Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera Extract, Lemon Extract, Lavender Oil, Rosemary Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Evening Primrose Oil. 

Please be informed that EnviroHome would like to send out 10 samples of Food Wash 50ml and Body Wash 100g to all readers, you just have to pay for the postage cost RM10.  It operates on a first come first serve basics, all readers who are interested, please write to enquiry@envirohome.com.my for more details.

You can also be a fan of EnviroHome at www.facebook.com/ENVIROHOME.MALAYSIA
and visit www.envirohome.com.my for all other products.  

Am I pushing myself too hard?

I don’t think that I am emotionally stress, I am more to physically stress.
My stress is due to several factors as below.

  • Overly demanding sports or exercise schedule without adequate rest
I am addictive to exercise. Skipping Zumba, hiking, yoga and running make me feel guilty. I engage in two rounds of exercises on most weekends. My body is worn out.

  • A hectic lifestyle which can lead to physical tension and shallow breathing
May was not doing quite well in her March exam. I blame myself for not spending enough time to guide her. I make it a point to check all her homework every day. I check her mathematics questions, I review her English, BM and Chinese activity books. Besides trying to accomplish all my duty as a mother and wife in my family, I am also striving to perform as competitive as I can at work.  

  • Lack of sleep
I am always running short of time to do so many things in one day.  I wake up early (5:45am) and I sleep late too (11:30pm). Because of all the stress, I do not obtain quality sleep that I need badly.
As a result, I feel tired and sleepy most of the time, but I try to hide. I get agitated and angry easily, but I try to suppress. I feel down and tensed up too, but I try to cover.

Obviously, my complexion reveals the truth, I have broken out to a few hormonal pimples on my face. My skin is not as glowing as before due to hormone imbalance. At the same time, I lose some weight which I can tell when putting on my working pants.

I am longing for a holiday, which I can take a break from my routine. I can’t wait for the next school holiday. I want to rejuvenate my body and relax my mind.

Luckily I still can pen down my mind here and be truthful to myself, in order to feel a bit better. 


I joined them for hiking about a year ago. Most of them have been hiking for quite some time. We go for hiking on weekends only. Therefore I meet with my hiking members only once a week the most. We would have full attendance when everyone is available, sometimes we went for hiking with just one or two friends only. I rarely skip my hiking activity. No matter how tie up I am, rain or shine? I will try to make it a point to go hiking.

We take the jungle trekking route to 3 or 4 km height. Then, we will stop to take a sip of  hot tea at the hut or take some refreshment, such as fruit at a open space. We enjoy each other company very much. I feel happy each time after meeting them for hiking. We have a lot of common topics. They are all having positive outlook on life and I like them. We just had our first gathering for dinner last week. We have a chat group and we called ourselves Hikers. boohoo!

We are now planning to go for a trip this year end. I really hope that I can join them for the very first trip without the kids and spouse.

I take this opportunity to wish all the amazing mothers out there, Happy Mother's Day.