A Classic Tour - Jacky Cheung

I was so proud that I watched Jacky Cheung - A Classic Tour the 132th concert. Thanks to my husband, he was the one showed great interest, asked his friend in KL to buy us tickets and took me along to watch his life time favorite singer on 26 January 2018.

We took ERT from Taiping to KL on that day. When we reached KL, we checked into a hotel which just located next to the train station. We went for shopping in Uniqlo at Nu Sentral. We took dinner and then went straight to Axiata Arena by train too.
Sharp at 8pm, the concert was started. Just the first two songs, I already knew that he worth every single cents of our money spent. No regret!

He is so fantastic and amazing. At the age of 56, he is still able to sing and dance in the tip top condition. He had managed to show his best live vocal performance ever on stage. All his fans were stunt. We totally lose the need for toilet tour. We were too busy watching him, singing along and listening to his handsome voice.

When the concert ended, I started to miss him and his voice. My next plan is to watch his concert in Hong Kong.

Jacky Cheung, you must stay well forever because I want to watch your concert again in future.  Thanks for the beautiful memory of 3.5 hours, Jacky Cheung.

It is already a week after the concert, but his songs are still playing in my mind. 

p/s: I must thank our secondary school classmate, Eddie Ong for lining up for more than 15 hours to buy the concert tickets . 
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2017 Christmas trip in Bangkok

We were just back from our Christmas trip in Bangkok. This was the second time we celebrated Christmas overseas.The kids and I were in Singapore on Christmas in 2015.

We stayed at Silom Sp8ce Hostel, we gave this hostel 9/10 points. These hostel staffs are very friendly and helpful. They always greeted the guests with smiling faces. The hostel room is clean and comfortable. Though breakfast was not inclusive, it provided bread from morning until noon. Other than that, we were allowed to help ourselves with the instant noodles and the beverage such as coffee, tea, chocolate and ginger tea all day long. I personally find the hostel owner was very generous to the customers. Another thing is important to mention, the WiFi was fantastic. My daughters screamed hurray while using their network, no jam at all.

We booked the two layers beds room. My daughters were so excited climbing up and down the stair . Of course, they choose to sleep on the top layer.
It has a hammock build on top the layer as well. May loves lying on the hammock and surfing net every evening.

Let's see where we went in Bangkok. We went to Maeklong Railway Station Market. I remember the taxi took about 1.5 hours to reach there. We had tom yum kung, mangoes sticky rice, coconut water, mangoes smoothies and duck leg noodles while waiting for the train to passby.
The train arrived and stopped right in front of us, so it was just nice for us to take a selfie before the huge crowd came and blocked the train.
One more picture with the station signboard. We left for floating market after shopping for some local snacks at the market.

We went to Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. It was a very fun ride on the boat. So many things to watch such as shops along the river, sellers cooking and selling food on boats.

We found the food sold in this floating market was more expensive than other places, therefore we didn't buy anything there.

We went to Asiatique - The Riverfront market. We were there buying lots of goodies, such as snacks, skincare products, and souvenirs. We had dinner there too.
A picture with the gigantic Ferris-wheel at Asiatique. 

By the way, being a big fan of Jacky Cheung, my husband wanted to pose next to his idol's concert banner in Asiatique, Bangkok. 

It was so nice of the hostel to give us a Christmas party on Christmas Eve. All residents in the hostel were invited. The staffs decorated the place and prepared the food for the celebration.
My husband and I were wearing the 100baht batik pants that we bought from Chatuchak weekend market as our special Christmas party costume. lol!
Cheers! We had a free flow of Thailand beers - Singha and Chang. Yannie bottled up two, and my Jino three.

On Christmas day, we went to Chocolate Ville. A place we took plenty of pictures. We were in Universal Studio Singapore on Christmas day in 2015.
I love our family portraits that we took here. We had the natural lighting and the greenery plant as the background
We didn't dine in the restaurant in the park because it was too pricey. However, later the taxi driver took us to a seafood restaurant, it was equally pricey. T___T

In Bangkok, other than hunting for good Thai food, the best thing to do is shopping. We went shopping at Chatuchuk, Pratunam market, Platinum Mall, Big C Supermarket, Terminal 21, Central World Bangkok and Ratchada Train Market.
Yannie at the 3rd level of Terminal 21, which is Tokyo street.
Yannie and Jino at 4th level, Terminal 21, which is San Francisco street. Terminal 21 food court is reasonably priced and the food tasted well.

That's all to conclude our 7D8N (22 December 2017 - 28 December 2017) Bangkok trip in one single post. Hahaha! Yannie is actually getting very lazy in taking pictures of food, shopping loots, and places. These pictures here are credited to April and Jino. Yannie only focused on enjoying herself.

Jino went for body massage once, Yannie went twice. JAMY family bought lots of  goodies like Bento snacks, Banana and Mangoes Pocky sticks, dried mangoes & coconuts, instant noodles, scarfs, Beauty Buffet skincare products, Big Apple sandals, Naraya evening bag, Kipling sling & shoulder bag, Riya handbag, clothes, jeans, T-shirts, evening gown, 7-Eleven banana cakes, Snake Powder and other popular Thailand souvenirs that I couldn't name all.

Folks, 1 more day to end 2017. Here I wish all who know me to have a very blessed brand new year 2018.

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2017 December dinners

Time flies. It is the last month of 2017 already, and this month I only work for 10 days. Woot! Woot! I only work for 2 weeks and I am off working for the rest of the days in December. Lovely! I am in the midst of clearing my annual leaves.

It is good that I can spend more time with family and friends. I also can spend more time doing things that I like such as running, hiking and swimming. Of course, I travel for holidays too, be it in Malaysia and out of Malaysia.

Other than that, I did attending a few dinners. Two weddings and one club anniversary dinner. More to come, such as gym annual dinner, Zumba annual dinner, and hikers annual dinner. Wakakaka! Yannie needs to do more workout to burn all the dinner food. T___T.

Well, joke aside. I love attending those dinners too, as it is the time I get to use my cosmetic products and practice my makeup skill. Besides, I can also wear those outfits that I have kept in my wardrobe long ago. Needless to say, I can take many pictures to update my profiles and blogs.

Attending a colleague's wedding with my division colleagues.

My young and pretty colleague who joined the company 2 years ago after marrying to a Taiping guy.

I applied nude makeup that evening.

Attending club anniversary with my white knight. The girls are big enough to entertain themselves while parents are away.

I applied a slightly heavier makeup on that evening and I took it a date with my loved one. 

My evening dress is a very simple maxi. I matched it with a belt and beads necklace.

Hey! Folks, I probably will post another entry before bidding farewell to 2017. As for now, I wish all my readers Merry Christmas! A joyous celebration for everyone.

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Recap of the year 2017

Time flies, we are now in the last month of 2017. Before welcoming the brand new year of 2018. Let me do a recap of the year 2017.


I was busy from the beginning of 2017 until last month. The pressure from my boss is scary. I almost went bonkers under the work stress. Luckily everything has become much under control toward the end of the year.


I love my family more and more may be because of I have aged. I appreciate and love my hubby more. I appreciate and love my two lovely daughters. I just love them.


Though I am busy at work, I never neglect my exercise. I run races this year. Other than running, I go hiking, Zumba and swimming. When I didn't go out, I played hula hoop in front of the TV at home.

Social life

I have meet many friends in the zumba lessons, the hiking dates, and the gym. I went out for drinks and dinner to catch up with my girl friends on and off.

Personal goal

I lost 2 KG this year as a result of all the trainings prior the races. I try to eat less carbs and low sugar whenever possible. I eat big breakfast and small dinner. I lead a healthy lifestyle . I sleep well. I reward myself with online shopping. My dream to be an actress came true, though it is just a few scenes in a short film, that was enough to make me very happy.
I do things that I like. I don't please anyone but myself.

My goal in 2018 is becoming fitter and toned. I want to lose another 2 kg so that I can be more lean to build muscle.

Folks, how's your 2017? and what is your goal in 2018?

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I've got an early Christmas gift from my Santa

My husband presented me a GPS-enabled sports smartwatch, Amazfit Pace to me on one fine evening. He said, "For you as a motivation to keep on running. "
How sweet and thoughtful of him right? A man who never buy me diamond, flowers, perfume, and clothes. However, always buying me running shoes, running cap, running apparels and now this running watch, ain't he weird and lovely at the same time?

I never asked for a watch like Amazfit Pace that has so many features like notifications on incoming calls, messages and other apps, GPS on tracking route and distance, phone-free music and sleep tracking. I only need the basic tracking of activities like running and other sports.

Since my loved one gave me an early Christmas gift of such a cool smartwatch and also the pairing Bluetooth headphones, I must be thankful and appreciate his thoughtfulness and kindness.

I m still in the midst of familiarizing with all the features in my new watch.

Personally, I find this watch looks very trendy and sporty. 

So, I foresee I still have to run miles and miles in the year 2018.

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First on scene

Today, I would love to share a short film that I act as the only female role. It was a short film for a local filming contest. I was actually recommended by a male colleague to his friend, R. Chan. 

My colleague passed me a script and asked me to feedback to him my interest in the character and the film shooting. After confirming with him on the venue and the date that the shooting would take place. I accepted the role of playing as a devious and scheming character. 

I have just got the link on YouTube from Chan recently. I forwarded to my university mates chat group, one of them screenshot the following scene for me as memory. 

I wanted to thank my colleague Allen for introducing me to his friend Chan. I want to thank Chan for his patient in guiding me to act. Of course, I want to thank my hubby for encouraging me to try. 

Those involved behind the scene are all young men graduated from UTAR. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to work with them, they make me feel young and they make my childhood dream comes true in 2017. lol!
I always love acting. Though it is just a short film, I enjoy every single take in the shooting.  Well, you guys can have a look at the link below. 

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Another run in 2017

I never thought of having another run after my run that I mentioned here until I saw the Taiping Prestavest Memorial Park charity run registration form that shared on FB. The run was on 5 November, and I believe this could be my last run in 2017.

Though this run was in Taiping, I have never been to run at the actual trail before. It was kind of excited for me to run on the totally unfamiliar trail. As usual, I didn't sleep that good on the night prior to my run. My breakfast before leaving home was bananas and oatmeal. The organizer had set up plenty of food for our breakfast, we were served with nasi lemak, fried noodles, bananas, guavas, isotonic, Milo, and sandwiches. I  took a sandwich and again a banana. Then I went for a slow jog to warm myself up. As it was raining heavily the evening before, so the air was very cooling and clean in the morning.  The weather was beautiful. 

There were 4KM fun run and 8 KM race by running two rounds on the same route of 4KM. This picture was taken by the helper after my first 4KM, and I was told that I was leading in women veteran group.

I completed my 8KM in 38 minutes that showed in my Mi Fit app. I bagged myself the 1st prize, a big trophy, RM300 cash, the great satisfaction, and happy memories.

He is the men senior veteran category champion. He is also the men veteran category champion in KOBL 10KM 2017 and Perak Koperasi Run 2017. Whenever I met him, I would seek his pieces of advice on training. He never failed to enlighten me.

My first run was in KOBL 2015, I didn't join any run in 2016. This year, I have totally joined 5 runs this year. My results were 3 champions, 1 first runner-up, and 1 second runner-up.

I still run 8.5km 4 times a week now. My next year plan is joining 3 running events. 
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