A visit to Bukit Larut

Throwback of a visit to Bukit Larut on January. It was the first weekend after school reopened, as I missed the chance to take April and May there during the December school break.

Though I will go hiking at the jungle trail on every weekend, I never hike higher up to more than 5KM. I believe the hill road is 13KM long. Because the King Bukit Larut longest running distance is 26KM up and down the hill.

Shame to admit that April and May had never gone up to the top of  Bukit Larut too until they were 13 and 11 years old this year. So happened that one of my aunties was back from Australia, I invited her and another aunt of mine to go up to Bukit Larut by jeep together.

Along the ride to the top of Bukit Larut, my both aunties shared their own stories of hiking up with their schoolmates when they were at the teenage age. They seem had so much fond memories in those days when they spent overnight at the bungalow house on the hill.

As for myself, it has been ages that I last visited the place, so I find it is so much different from last time that I had a barbecue gathering with schoolmates there.

My aunties brought along some fruits and we had a small picnic while chatting.  There is a cafe on the hill, but we didn't try. In fact, the scenery is nice, and the weather is kind of windy. It is indeed a good place for beautiful pictures if you like photographing.

Next time if you visit Taiping, and you want some good pictures for your album and a nice picnic place with your family and friends, please welcome to Bukit Larut. You just need to wake up early to come and buy the ticket of the jeep, because it is not selling online or in advance. It is always selling like a hot cake during a school break or a public holiday.
Besides, it is only 3 to 4 trips (limited to 4 to 5 jeeps per-trip) every day. The ticket price is RM10 for adult and RM5 for children.  Good luck!

Happy Father's Day!

We were just back from the vacation in Krabi, Thailand last two weeks. Since tomorrow is the heroes in the house special day,  I shall just pick a few pictures of them to share here. I just publish the pictures of the father and the daughters which were taken during the trip.

First day, arrival and there started our Krabi city tour.
I was very tired due to the late night bus ride to KLIA2, then taking early flight to Krabi. I felt so drowsy and needed a nap immediately.
We took pictures at a few attraction spots at Krabi city.

Jin Jin and April still looked energetic to smile and pose for the camera. I was just hoping to check in the hotel room as soon as possible.

Day 4, we had a swim soak in Emerald pool which surrounded by rain forest.
We enjoyed and relax at the natural fresh water pool that is in the jungle.
After leaving the Emerald pool, we went to Tiger Cave, a praying place to Buddha and meditation center of Krabi.
The cave has 1237 steps to the top of the mountain. April was reluctant to take the steps to the top due to the very hot weather, I needed to sacrifice showing off my ability of being the queen of Tiger Cave to accompany this lazy princess of mine.
Therefore, Jin Jin and May went up to the top and got down again together. Kudos to May for accompany her dad to accomplish his mission of taking the 1237 steps in such a humid and hot weather in Tiger Cave.

This picture was taken at the night market in Krabi town on Friday evening. We enjoyed the good Thai street food and drinks from the night market, at the same time shopping for souvenir, watching some performance on stage.

I am not sure whether I will write more about our Krabi trip in my next post.

Till then, I wish all the wonderful dads, Happy Father's Day! Happy weekend, all.

I also want to thank my husband for planning, arranging and taking us for holiday each time during the girls' school break. Thanks for being such a great dad to our daughters. Happy Father's Day, April and May's hero!

I won in Women Open 7KM

I woke up rather early on last Sunday for the charity run that I mentioned in my earlier post. I must thank my husband for preparing 3 half boiled eggs and a cup of Milo as my breakie before sending me off to the event. He is always so supportive.

I started by running a little faster. I ran passing the two ladies who started off in front of me and remained as the first throughout the 7KM run.

We, from the same company and standing proud in front of the backdrop which has filled with all our company logos

First time wearing my new running cap to run, a gift from my husband. 

The top four runners in Women Open 7KM.

I don't want to deny that I am very happy to bag the champion in this category of this run, as I didn't have much confident prior to the run. 

It was the women open category but the top 5 were almost all with the age which qualified for veterans. 
I feel so much happier than winning the champion in Women Veteran 10KM in KOBL2017, because this was my first race on flat road and I didn't expect to bag any prize in the beginning.

My next race is on 1st July and it is our first night run in the town.

Yannie, Ganbatte Kudasai. 

Charity run 2017

Tomorrow morning I have a run event. It is also sponsored by my company to join a charity school for a local high school. I take part in 7KM women open, as I am only qualified for this category this time.

I don't have much confident as it is the women open and it is only 7KM tar road. I have better endurance than speed in running. A distance of more than 10KM will benefit me more.  Well, I will take it as a trial run for my 8KM night run event in July.

Nevertheless, I will do my very best, as I have put in lots of hard work in training recently.

I just wish that I will enjoy my run and retain my own record. So far, I complete my 7KM in 42 minutes (my pace is 10 kilometers per hour). That is the best I can do for now.

Today, I will go and run 7KM at the actual track as my last round of training for tomorrow run.

Till then, have a nice and pleasant weekend, folks. 

Mother's day

Tomorrow is Mother's day. We are going for a simple celebration this evening. We plan to go to a cafe which has Mother's day promotion and live band singer. I am kind of looking forward to the outing.

I am now having an 11 years old child and a 13 years old teenager. They are now so much different than when they were young.

Let me share a few of the differences here.

Case 1: Bedtime, 
Girls: Mummy, tonight can I sleep with you? So long I didn't sleep in your room.
Mom: No, sorry. Please sleep in your own room.
(Because mummy needs some me time)

Mom: Girls, can mummy sleep with you? So long I didn't sleep in your room.
Girls: No mummy, you are too big to share my bed.
(Apparently, mummy didn't grow any bigger, but they are the one growing a lot.)

Case 2: What to wear?
Girls: Mummy, please tell me what I should wear for the outing.
(Girls want mummy to decide what they should wear)

Mom: Girls, please tell me what mummy should wear for the outing
(Mummy is seeking opinion and advice from the girls on what to wear now)

Time flies, they are growing up really fast. One thing for sure and it would never change. They are my priority in my life.

Happy Mother's day to all mothers out there. 

Happy Get-together

I enjoy my run and work out in the gym. I also like to go hiking with a few friends on weekends, However, every Tuesday and Thursday, I will feel even more excited, as I am looking forwards to join the Zumba lesson in the evening. I am very happy whenever I am in the class with my instructor and other Zumba members. Though I know that I don't burn that much of calories when comparing to run 8KM on the treadmill and also hike 10KM at Bukit Larut. It is the least  strenuous exercise for me in a week. May be because of the music, the move, the friendly atmosphere and the people. I just love going there.

I am checking at my pictures folders, and noticing that I have been to a few gatherings with my Zumba buddies lately. We are qualified to be in the veteran category. We are all having a  different marital status. There are married, single, working mom, housewife, grandmother, divorcee, and widow. We share the laughter, fun, joy and happiness when we are together.

Year End Dinner on December 2016

New Year lesson on February 2017

Chap Goh Meh dinner 2017

Picture just was taken yesterday at Port Weld Seafood Restaurant
Now you all know why all aunties going for exercise, but sill can't lose much weight. It is all because of these gatherings. We sweat and we work out so hard every day, but when going for gatherings, we feast ourselves with scrumptious food. How on earth we can lose weight like that?

Joke aside, we enjoy the outing together actually. Occasionally we also have to let ourselves to enjoy life and be happy, no?

Happy weekend, folks! 

My personal training route planner

As I mentioned in my earlier post that I am going for my first road race this July, it is so nice of my husband that he has started to plan a training route for me. He is always very supportive and caring.

He tried to use google map to plan according to the distance that I am going to run. He then explained to me on the direction from where I need to start, when I need to go through and where I need to finish. I then tried to act as innocent as I always used to be and I asked for more landmarks that a google map can provide. 

This morning, it is my first training on the route he designed, and I wake up to see this on the white board. 

It is so sweet of him, right? He never complained about my busy and active lifestyle, and he is encouraging me in whatever I love to do. Thanks dear. Love you. 

It has been 3 continuous weeks that I only eat a cup of ten grains rice that I only cook with pumpkins and purple sweet potatoes as my breakfast. I lose 1.5kg already. A lighter body can allow me to run faster, no?