The very last 2 weeks of Year 2007

What I am going to do these last 14 days in Year 2007?

I'm taking leaves and staying home to babysit my 2 daughters. April was just recovering from Pneumonia. During the 6 nights and 7 days of hospital stay, I took care of April 24/7 in GMC Penang. I felt sorry to May, as I couldn't spend time with her. So, I may utilise these 2 weeks to catch up some quality time with April and May.
I don't plan to travel. I just want to stay at my home sweet home with my two lovely daughters and hubb. I plan to cook, to play and to read to them. It is also my orientation weeks to be a Stay At Home Mom(SAHM). I really don't think I will get bored. I don't think I will get tired as well. Hubby is always my good helper.
Am looking forwards to my SAHM weeks.

Oops.....Special thanks to Su In and Valerie who has enlighten my days in Year 2007.

Sayonara 2007. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Till we catch up again.
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Year 2007 Accomplishment

Year 2007 is approaching the end. What is my accomplishment this year? By the way I had quite a number of first times this year.

10 Jan 2007 - I managed to let April go to school without crying.

29 Sep 2007 - 1st time April and I joined the Buddhist Society
and we studied the Namo Amitabha on every Saturday (8.00 - 9.30)pm.

19 Oct 2007 - I ate vegetarian for 24 hours for Chung Yeung Festival.

28 Oct 2007 - I watched April going up the stage for her school Year-End Concert.

01 Nov 2007 - 1st time donated blood at my company.

07 Nov 2007 - I have back to the weight before giving birth my two princesses.

What will be my 2008 New Year Resolution and New Year Wish?

I want to be a happy and wonderful mother for my two lovely daughters, and an understanding and caring wife for my husband.
Last but not least, I want to be a full time mother.
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Hong Kong Tour 07-13 Nov 2007

One fine day in September, Hubb informed me that he has registered April, myself and him for a 7 days Hong Kong tour on 7 November. April and myself were so excited and waiting for the day to come. When we were back from Hong Kong On 13 November, April was so upset, she wished to be there longer. Hubb and myself already broke after the great shopping. Of course, all of us enjoyed the tour and happy with our spending. Don't know when will be our next family trip, I hope we can bring May along then.
The places that we have visited in these 7 days were Hong Kong and Disney Land,深圳, 广州, 珠海 and Macau.

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April in MRC 3Q Year End Concert 2007

I was only informed 4 days before the concert date that April was chosen to join 2 programs in MRC 3Q Year End Concert. I was so happy and I feel so proud of her. This is very good exposure and experience for April. She enjoys her own participation in the concert very much. What a great achievement for her in year 2007. At one time, she was crying and reluctant to attend school. Bravo, April.

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MedKlinn Air Sterilizer

April began having a constant cough and nose allergy since the moment she had bronchitis in March 2007. The cough and allergy were so severe, lasting through the end of August 2007, that I very nearly subjected April to an asthma tests. We had even taken up extra cleaning duties just to make extra sure we were keeping the room as clean as was humanly possible (changing the mattress, pillow case, bolster case and curtain, moping the floor and wiping all surfaces more frequently). It was then at the close of September 2007 that I first obtained the MedKlinn Air Steriliser at RM699.

I studied and learned more about the MedKlinn unit from the forum through Internet. I was fascinated by the remarkable testimonial and after-used comment of all its users around the world. So with nothing to lose, I installed the MedKlinn unit and kept it running round the clock in early September 2006. I naturally had very, very low expectations of seeing any positive results in helping reduce April allergy symptoms and coughing, let alone dispelling them once and for all. About three weeks into the usage of the MedKlinn unit, I realised that April no longer had a running nose and that chesty, ragged cough was at last, gone.

We are all sleeping better everyday after having the MedKlinn Air Sterilizer.
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May in her 16th month

May is already 1 year and 4 months big now. She is now 9.5kg and 78cm. She has learnt to keep toys away, rinse mouth with a cup, hold a pencil to scratch on a paper, feed herself with a spoon and show her teeth wide for brushing, but she hasn't potty trained yet, sigh........ She has also started to call Pa Pa, Jie Jie, Yeh Yeh (grandpa), Mah Mah (grandma), Gu Gu(my sister in law) and Ker (uncle - baby sitter's husband), but she hasn't called Mommy yet, sad.........

Her first few words are Star, Car and Good, but the rest she pointed with her finger........

May is getting cuter and cuter everyday, at the same time, May is also getting naughtier and naughtier, but my love to May is getting more and more. Hope can hear May calling mommy soon.
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Happy Mid Autumn

I spent my Mid Autumn night with my two little angels, hubb, and family in laws. I bought a mango cheese flavour cake for hubb, as his birthday is a few days apart. Mother in law also prepared some special festive food for the evening, which included steamed peanuts, steamed yam, rock melon and other fruits. Whereas sister in law prepared jelly. Of course there are some moon cakes of HYT that bought by me a few days ago. We decorated the trees with some Japanese and traditional lanterns, while children were playing candles in front of the house.
Overall, I was happy to spend this special festive with my family.

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I Love You

I got a consolation prize of a RM5 voucher from AUGUST MERDEKA&BIRTHDAY CONTEST that had by Valuebookshop.

I used it to buy the book "No, David!" by David Shannon from Valuebookshop.

I read to April on the night when I received the book.
April listened and paid full attention while I was reading page by page.

  • "No, David," wails the off-stage mother, as David reaches for the cookie jar.
  • David has tracked mud into is living room.
  • "No! No! No!" as he makes a swamp out of the bathroom.
  • "Come back here, David!" as he runs naked down the street
  • " Not in the house, David!" as he was breaking household items while playing baseball inside the house.
  • "That's enough" stuff his mouth full of food.
  • "Settle down" he jumped on the bed.
  • etc.
  • Finally, a broken vase leads to banishment to a chair in the corner and a tear on the cheek, which leads to a motherly hug and the best affirmation of all? "Yes, David...I love you!"

When I read till the last page, I could feel that April was holding her breath. Her eyes became red, and she smiled and held my arm in both her hands. I'm glad that I have chosen the right book for her, as she has given me the most touching response.

Besides, the vigorous and wacky full-color acrylic paintings portray a lively and imaginative boy whose stick-figure body conveys every nuance of anger, exuberance, defiance, and, best of all, the reassurance of his mother's unconditional love. This book is perfect for reading aloud. Children age 3-4 will relish the deliciously bad behavior and the warm and cuddly conclusion.

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Nice Matters Award

Thanks to Joanne for giving me this memorable award.

The originator of this award says,“those that are just nice people, good blog friends, and those that inspire good feelings and inspiration! Those that care about others, that are there to lend support, or those that are just a positive influence in our blogging world!”

I will continue blogging after having this award.
Here I would like to award: Yvonne

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Missing U, Leslie

Leslie Cheung Kwok-Wing ( September 12 , 1956 – April 1 , 2003 )
Traditional Chinese : 張國榮 ; Simplified Chinese : 张国荣
The legend.
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Promoting Peace at Home

Today I have read a very useful article at Babyzone. I specially quoted the below paragraph to share with everyone who visit my blogs,and also serve as a good reminder to my hubb and myself.

The kids will always, whether they are 28-months-old or 28-years-old, desire your love, praise, and attention. Turn your energy into giving them that love, instead of worrying about which child used the other guy's crayons. As long as you treat them fairly, teach them how to be kind, considerate people, and let them know with every word, gesture, and smile that you love them unconditionally, you will be giving your children exactly what they need. And if what comes around goes around, they'll reciprocate that love, not only to you, but to their siblings as well.

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April Look-alikes Meter

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May Look-alikes Meter

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April's Bedtime Ritual

April has a bedtime ritual since she was a baby. I'm always the one who tuck her in every night. Only occasinally, her father is slotting in to this job.

09:30pm - 10:00pm : Brushing teeth; washing face, hands and legs;
changing into her pyjamas (she is capable to do it on her own now);
drawing a cross to mark the end of that day at the calendar on the wall;
taking her dummy out from the basket where her dummy always keep;
taking Zaditen and Prolactor for her allergy cough;

10:00pm - 10:30pm : Going upstair to our room;
getting one of her books and sitting on her potty for her businesses.
After we have settle our things downstair, we go to check on her.
Washing her pet pet after she has finished doing her businesses.

10:00pm - 11:00pm : Drinking 8oz milk (Sustagen Kid - vanila flavour) from her milk bottle,
and I read the book that she get while she was on her potty.
Thanks God, she can finish the milk in only 5mins time,
then she goes to her potty again for the last visit of her toilet.
I help her to wear her socks, then off the lamp.

Ooh! Not THE END yet! More to go.....

11:00pm - 11:30pm : Requesting mommy to narrate a virtual story from general topics to her,
eg, lantern get burn, boy bite by dogs, naughty boy at school,
good big sister at home, misbehaviour in the kitchen, genting trip,
drown in swimming pool, etc.
requesting mommy to sing 2 fixed lullabies, 好宝宝 and 妈妈好
(I don't know since when you have fixed these 2 lullabies only).
Then, one very last visit to her potty (I'm praying it is really the last round).

Finally..... THE END.

Mommy is really damn exhausted, and dozing off before you try to chat with me again.
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■ 肝的致命傷
1. 晚睡晚起為最大致命傷。(原因如下)
2. 早上不排便。
3. 暴飲暴食。
4. 不吃早餐 → 透支。
5. 藥物。
6. 防腐劑、添加物、色素、人工甘味(如:沙茶醬)。
7. 不當的油脂(如:沙拉油為不穩定油),烹調盡量少用油,即便是好油,如:橄欖油。疲倦時不吃油炸物,若要吃趁精神好時吃。
8. 不生食(完全熟食)亦不利肝。青菜生吃或煮三分或五分熟,炒過的青菜當天吃完,不要隔夜吃。
9. 錯誤的價值觀,只追求卓越,欠缺和平、博愛。
10. 急躁。要做到,完全不需花錢,只要注意起居與飲食習慣的調整。食療加上時療,讓身體在正確的時間內主動進行吸收與排毒的動作。原因:
□ 晚上9-11點為免疫系統(淋巴)排毒時間,此段時間應安靜或聽音樂,夫妻同房應排在此時,不應在11點之後(理由見後)要不便先睡一覺,天亮再來。倘若此時,作母親的仍處於焦慮狀態,如洗碗盤、盯孩子功課,對健康不利。
□ 晚間11-凌晨1點,肝的排毒,需在熟睡中進行。
□ 凌晨1-3點,膽的排毒亦同。
□ 凌晨3-5點,肺的排毒,此即為何咳嗽的人在這段時間咳得最劇烈;因排毒動作已走到肺經,不應用止咳藥,以免抑制廢積物的排除。
□ 凌晨5-7點,大腸的排毒,應上廁所排便。
□ 凌晨7-9點,小腸大量吸收營養的時段,應吃早餐。療病者最好早吃,在6點半前,養生者在7點半前,不吃早餐者應改變習慣,即使拖到9、
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Pink Bear

April's favorite mate is the pink teddy bear. We named it as Pink Bear. She first saw Pink Bear when she was only 6 months old. I bought it at RM16 as her very first toy.
April used to to hug and sleep with Pink Bear every night. Due to her nose allergy, we removed all the toys with fur from bed now. Besides I bougth a similar dress for Pink Bear and April.
After wearing the dress, Pink Bear has less surface which can contact with April now.
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How to stop Sibling Rivalry

I feel very sorry to May for not bringing her to Genting trip in July, and also not bringing her to Adeline's (my friend Su In's daughter) birthday party in August. I feel very upset as well whenever I see April yelling at her little sister.
I really pity May for getting bully by April. I have also tried to talk....and now become a nag to April. Please love and care for your little sister, she is your only sibling, and you are her only sibling too. You girls must love each other forever. Mommy finds that April is sweet and smart, and May is adorable and innocent.
Both of you are so unique in your own way. No matter what, mommy loves you two forever.
Here mommy finds some tips to deal with the sibling revalry.
It's natural that rivalry develops, given the close proximity in which most siblings live. As children vie for attention, try to discover their place in the family, many feel their siblings receive preferential treatment. The results may end in jealousy, teasing, negative attention and competition. Here are a few things parents can do to curb or put a stop to sibling rivalry.

Difficulty: Moderately Challenging

Step One
Ignore fighting that focuses on getting your attention. As long as no one is being hurt, let them work it out on their own and they will see their tactics are not working and stop fighting. This will also prevent you from taking sides.

Step Two
Use positive reinforcement to increase desired behaviors and discuss ways they can handle disagreements. Teach your children how to feel empathy for others by having them serve others, including their siblings.

Step Three
Maintain a home environment centered on teamwork. Tell your children as often as possible that you love them and cherish them as individuals.

Step Four
Think about what triggers fighting and try to limit the chances for the siblings to start fighting.

Step Five
Stop siblings from engaging in competitions with each other before a fight begins. Give children consequences instead of punishments and make sure they are a natural result of their behavior.

Tips & Warnings
Always remain calm and do not let the children see that their fighting is getting to you. Avoid having shouting matches of your own.
Tell your children as often as possible that you love them and cherish them as individuals.
If a child is abused, emotionally, physically, mentally or sexually you must always intervene.
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Children Learn What They Live

If a child lives with criticism. He learns to condemn.

If a child lives with hostility. He learns to fight.

If a child lives with ridicule. He learns to be shy.

If a child lives with shame. He learns to feel guilty.

If a child lives with tolerance. He learns to be patient.

If a child lives with encouragement. He learns confidence.

If a child lives with praise. He learns to appreciate.

If a child lives with fairness. He learns justice.

If a child lives with security. He learns to have faith.

If a child lives with approval. He learns to like himself.

If a child lives with acceptance and friendship. He learns to find love in the world.
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A memo from your child

1. Don't spoil me...
I know quite well that I ought not to have all I ask for. I'm only testing you.

2. Don't be afraid to be firm with me...
I prefer it - it makes me feel secure.

3. Don't let me form bad habits...
I have to rely on you to detect them in the early stages.

4. Don't make me feel smaller than I am...
It only makes me behave stupidly big.

5. Don't correct me in front of people, if you can help it...
I'll take much moer notice if you talk quietly with me, and in private.

6. Don't make me feel my mistakes are sins...
It upsets my sense of values.

7. Don't be upset when I say 'I hate you!'...
It isn't you I hate, but your power to thwart me.

8. Don't be protect me from consequences...
I need to learn the painful way sometimes.

9. Don't take too much notice of my small ailments...
I am quite capable of trading on them.

10. Don't nag...
If you do, I will have to protect myself by appearing to be deaf.

11. Don't make rash promises...
Remember that I feel badly let down when promises are broken.

12. Don't forget that I can't eplain myself as well as I should like to...
That is why I'm not always very accurate.

13. Don't tax my honesty too much...
I am easily frightened into telling lies.

14. Don't be inconsistent...
That completely confuses me and makes me lose faith in you.

15. Don't put me off when I ask questions...
If you do, you will find that I stop asking and seek my information elsewhere.

16. Don't tell me my fears are silly...
They are terribly real to me and you can do much to reassure me if you try to understand.

17. Don't ever suggest that you are perfect or infallible...
It gives me too great a shock when I discover you are neither.

18. Don't forget that I can't thrive without lots of understanding and love...
...but I don't really need to tell you that, do I?
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Emotional Intelligence Theory (EQ - Emotional Quotient)

After being a mother of two children, and surviving in the workforce for almost 9 years, I know it is important to have good EQ.

Emotional Intelligence is increasingly relevant to organizational development and developing people, because the EQ principles provide a new way to understand and assess people's behaviours, management styles, attitudes, interpersonal skills, and potential. Emotional Intelligence is an important consideration in human resources planning, job profiling, recruitment interviewing and selection, management development, customer relations and customer service, and more.

EQ embraces two aspects of intelligence:
1. Understanding yourself, your goals, intentions, responses, behaviour and all.
2. Understanding others, and their feelings.

EQ - the five domains
1. Knowing your emotions.
2. Managing your own emotions.
3. Motivating yourself.
4. Recognising and understanding other people's emotions.
5. Managing relationships, ie., managing the emotions of others.

By developing our Emotional Intelligence in these areas and the five EQ domains we can become more productive and successful at what we do, and help others to be more productive and successful too. The process and outcomes of Emotional Intelligence development also contain many elements known to reduce stress for individuals and organizations, by decreasing conflict, improving relationships and understanding, and increasing stability, continuity and harmony.

I'm also improving my EQ every now and then, in order to minimize the stess of being a working mother .
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Genting Trip on 27 - 29 Jul 2007

This year hubb's company family trip was held in Genting. Let me recall, we went to Sunway Lagoon (2001), Sabah (2002), Langkawi (2003), Redang (2004), Bangkok (2005) and Phuket (2006). This family trip was fully sponsored by Malakoff and only meant for spouse and children. Parents are exclusive. We only brought April along in the trips since 2006. So, April has been to Phuket by flight, and this was the second trip by our own car to Genting in KL. Before that, we were like having our honeymoon in the trips.

I'm happy that April is very well-behaved, well-mannered and very nice girl during the trip.

On our way back from Genting, I told hubb that we have to bring May along next year, as I missed her so much. He replied that next year don't know still have family trip or not due to the changed of the management. Never mind, if don't have, then we can plan for our own family trip that sponsor by Papa.

Here are the link of the our Genting trip pictures. http://www.flickr.com/gp/10670594@N05/k6152Z
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First of all, I have to say a big THANK YOU to Meadjohnson Forum. When both my children were down with cough and flu, I tried to seek special remedy from this website. Some of the MJ members recommended E.Excel products - NOCO & ACT. Besides going through some research and study from internet, I also talked to E.Excel members like Jeff and TanLP (from MJ forum), YSMah and EETan (from office). I finally get to know more about E.Excel, and get convinced to use NOCO & ACT for my children.

Hubb and I have spent a lot of $$$ on their medical like medicines, consultation fees, X-ray, Hou Chor San, Poh Ying Tan and Chinese Herbs. Both of them have no significant improvement in their immune system and overall well-being. Since E.Excel products are all nutural herbs (without synthetic chemical), there is no harm to let them try.

NOCO - Strengthens the respiratory system including the lung and respiratory passages. Prevent frequent cold, cough, flu and bronchial distress. Improve asthma, fewer and less severe headache. (Main Ing: Ji-Lin ginseng, Dark plum, Peppermint Leaf, Chrysanthemum leaf, Licorice root, Ganoderma).

ACT - Enhances the immune system, the circulatory and lymphatic systems. Also cleanses and filters the blood of harmful microbes of foreign particles (Main Ing: Ganoderma, Luffa, Alfalfa, Tangerine Peel)

May is taking one capsule each and once daily. April is taking one capsule each and twice daily.
They are taking these supplements for a few days only. I can notice that they have improved a lot. May is totally not coughing now, and only having some phlegm noise. April is totally not coughing at sleep already, and having little phlegm and cough during awake time.

I am still waiting to see them totally getting well. I shall continue to feed NOCO & ACT for at least 3 months.
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How to Encourage Good Behavior in Children

April, she is smart. (I know most of the children is smart) Somehow, I still find her smart with my personal standard. In fact, a lot of people who met and talked to her before have also acknowledged that.
She can tell all shapes and colors at age of 2. After joining the MRC 3Q Mandarin in Jan 07, and Super Memory Map English in Jun 07, she is now recognized A-Z and lots of Chinese characters. Her teachers appraised that she is a very fast learner and she has very good concentration. However, teachers also said that she is very soft spoken, coward and shy. I couldn't believe that as she is so hyperactive, talkative and naughty at home.

I'm happy and satisfied with April's school performance. Initially, she was refused to go to school as well. After a numerous attempts of both the teacher and myself, at the end, April is happily going to school on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. Besides, she is also making new friends there. I'm very proud of her, when she told me her friends' names, and shared me what happened at school.

No one is perfect, same here for April. April is not willing to greet friends, teachers, relatives and neighbours. Although I have tried to remind and persuade her to greet, she is still reluctant to open her mouth when she met people other than us and grandparents. I felt so disappointed, as others may feel that I don't coach my daughter to have good behavior.

Here I found a very useful link on how to encourage good behavior in children.

Quoted from the above link for those who read my blog:

Sometimes it is hard for parents to remember that discipline is about encouraging good behavior through logical punishment. It is easy to get frustrated when your child does not exhibit the behavior you would prefer. Keeping your cool and following these steps can help your child reveal his good side.
Difficulty: Moderately Easy
Step One
Set clear boundaries for your child and let him know ahead of time what is expected of him.

Step Two
Stay calm, firm and consistent when disciplining and setting boundaries.

Step Three
Remember that each child has different temperaments and developmental styles. Some children respond well to verbal praise while others respond better to rewards like stickers or extra time on the computer.

Step Four
Locate factors that may prevent good behavior like jealousy, stress or learning and behavioral disorders. Try to remove what causes these factors or seek professional help to cope with them.

Step Five
Praise good behavior by providing positive reinforcement. Most children want to receive praise. If they know you will praise their good behavior, then they are more likely to follow the boundaries set for them.

Step Six
Offer rewards or incentives when you see your child exhibiting good behavior.

Step Seven
Teach your child about the natural and logical consequences of her actions. Natural consequences are like cause and effect such as if you play rough with a toy it will break. Logical consequences are based on wrong choices such as when you take away her toys because she wouldn't put them away.

Tips & Warnings
If you know your child has trouble with certain locations like going to the grocery store, then plan ahead. Get him involved by giving him his own list of items to find. Or if he hates putting away his toys, then make a game out of it by having a race to see who can put them away the fastest.

Remember that disciplining and punishing a child for inappropriate actions is an important part of parenting. Parents must teach children to think for themselves, make good decisions, recognize right from wrong, respect other people and exhibit appropriate behavior.

Correct your child's poor behavior without criticizing or belittling her as a person.
In most cases, good behavior is caught not taught. You must lead by example in showing good behaviors of your own.

Do not use bribes. Bribes are giving a child a treat in advance and hoping they will show good behavior.

Do not expect perfection. Your child is in a learning process and needs your help to know how to show good behaviors
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Our baby sister

Yesterday, as usual April and I went to visit May at nanny's house. We went out for a walk together. I carried May with one arm and hold April with another hand. May has grown a little heavier recently, mommy really has difficulty to take a long walk. After walking for one small round in the housing area, mommy decided to end the walk and take a rest at nanny's house.
As I have a dinner appointment with in-law family, we could only spend a short while there.
When I said good bye to May, she shook her head and kicked her legs. She was showing her refusal on my leaving. Mommy and big sister needed to go anyhow. Papa was working, otherwise we could bring you together for dinner. Mommy couldn't handle both you and your big sister during meal. Be patient 宝贝, tonight mommy will bring you back home.
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Durian Season

During my childhood, my father forced me to taste the durian. From crying, now I become so fascinated by durians smell.
It is a durian season again. Since married, hubb never bought any durian back home. When I asked him to buy, he said he is not durian expect, and cannot tell the quality of the durians well. He only know how to eat durians. So disappointed, that make me only can smell the durians from neighbourhood.
Two days ago, I told hubb that I want to eat durians. To my surprise, this time he agreed to buy me on the next day. I was happy like a small kid waiting for the treat.
On yesterady, right after reaching home from work, hubb rushed me to bath and change. He wanted to bring me for durians shopping.
At the end, we bought 4 durians with RM10. I was so happy and content. Happy that hubb is finally buying me durians, content that I finally can smell the durians at my own house already.
Yeah! 谢谢你, 老公。
Actually, I wanted to take some photos of the durians while hubb opened up them. Too bad that he didn't charge the batteries. So, I can't show off my durians in my blog.
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Not satisfied with My BMI

Your Weight is Ideal
Your BMI is 21.3 - a healthy BMI falls between 18.5 and 25
Congratulations, you are the perfect weight for your height.Even though you may not be entirely happy with your weight, you are healthy.So gain or lose a few pounds if you want, but don't go too crazy!
Don't agree? Blame the government standards we based this test on!
I was tag by Yvonne on above link Do You Need to Lose Weight?. Friend, I'm not satisfied with my BMI. Before married, my BMI was only 19. But, good to know that also, at least I know I still need to work harder. Cannot be too proud. My target is BMI 19.
Now, I must pass the tag to Joanne.
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April was down with flu and cough in March. When she has recovered from flu after 1 week, she still has persistent cough for more than a month. We brought her to see a couple of GP and Paediatrician. OMG! One of the GP told us that April is asthmatic.

We feel guilty for not allowing her to take ice cream and cold drink, we feel tension whenever see her running around, we feel sorry to force her taking medicine to control asthma, etc.
Then, we decided to get second opinion from a Paediatrician in Lam Wah Ee Penang.
After X-ray and details checkup, Dr Chua said April was only having bronchitis, and not pneumonia or asthma yet. However, we have to take good care of her, before the bronchitis turn out to be others.

However, I still feel worried, and decided to explore more this topic, so that I can be more prepare. Besides, I can learn more and know more about asthma.

Here I attached a link on asthma, http://www.babyzone.com/loadpage/article.asp?contentid=1953

Quoted from the link as below,
Growing and Thriving with Asthma
The good news is most asthma triggers lose their impact as children grow, and frequently, asthma does not persist into adulthood.
But in the meantime, asthma needn't stand in the way of your child's busy life. Stay in touch with your pediatrician and on top of your care plan to ensure that the only limits placed on your child will be your ability to keep up with him!
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Weekend again

So happy that April was not coughing for the entire night while sleeping. Mommy and April were having a very good rest last night while Papa was working night shift. Today, little May is coming back home. After dinner, we plan to bring May and April to see GP Dr Lee for following checkup. Due to the bad weather and hazy day, I want to make sure that both of you are well taken care of before any other symptoms coming out.
Besides, hubb is around to help this weekend, I can feel more comfortable and relax.
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My Today Plan

I plan to head straight back home at 5.30pm after work today. Since I have already taken quite a heavy lunch, I shall only take fruit and milk for dinner tonight. Next, I shall go and bring April back from her nanny's house. Then we shall go together to visit our little angel May at her nanny's house.
Hopefully, April and May will play happily together, and not fight for toys again. After spending some time with May, April and I shall go home earlier. As I plan to let April practise her ABC hand writing.
If everything is going on smoothly as per plan, we shall be in bed by 10pm. I wish to be in bed as early as possible. Tired and so lazy.........
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Peace Of Mind

After the following checkup on last Friday at Lam Wah Ee Penang, April's cough has improved much. May is also recovering now, after taking two rounds of antibiotics from the GP. Her cough, phlegm and sneezing have reduced to one or two times per day only. I feels much much better now. I was so mentally stress up when both of them are down with coughing and flu. At least, now I can have some peace of mind to focus of my own things.
When both of my children are sick, I am visiting doctors more than friends or relatives, sigh... Although I scared of all the waiting, travelling, spending etc, I still need to bring them for another one or twice following checkup, in order to make sure they are completely getting well.

Besides, April, hubb and I are looking forward to our holiday trip to Genting on the last weekend of July. So sorry to May that mommy can't bring you along, as you are still too young to take outside food. Moreover, mommy is not capable enough to handle both you and your big sister out of home. Hope you can be a bit patient, mommy and papa will definitely bring you along for holiday when you are grown up.
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My Diet Methods

Forget to mention my way of losing pounds. I didn't lose weight drastically, I only lost 1 kg per month. So in total I've lost 13 kg when May is 13 month old.

My tips are,

1. having meal without rice, remember not less rice, no rice is the best .
2. drink plenty plenty of water.
3. exercise at least 3 times a weeks, which includes aerobics, yoga, and swimming.
4. other alternatives like using sauna belt from TVShopping.

Last but not least, no starv no lose.
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I did it

I have put on 20 kg during pregnancy. The first day when I went back to office, I told everyone to stop telling me that I am fat. I knew it, and I would do something. I don't have any support but only discouragement words like "It is very difficult to go back to your original shape, woman after birth will surely put on weight, just accept the fact lah." , "No need to on diet lah, after 2 years, may be you will get pregnant again ma! No need lah! So difficult for what.", etc. I hate, and I ignored all, and started to tell myself that I have to prove to everyone that I can make it and keep their mouth shut. I want my shape back.

If I can't be a super model, at least I am a super mom. AZA AZA! 2 more kg to lose.

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AZA! AZA! Almost there

Amazing, this morning when I stood on my bathroom scale, I have lost few more pounds. Very close to my target now. So I must really watch out my diets this few days, in order not to gain weight and lose more.

Hubb is coming back from KL this evening. If he can come back on time and help me to babysit April, I shall be able to go to Yoga to release tension and shed more fat.
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Saturday work shift

Today is my Saturday working day. I need to work on alternate Saturday. How I wish that our company is a 5 work days company.

So, not many people in the office, kind of boring. Luckily I have unfinish stuff to do.
After work, I can able to bring my little May back home. So happy.

April is attending her English lesson this morning. My plan is to go home first, then together with hubb, we go to pick April from MRC 3Q, fetch her to Siew Ru aunty's house. After that, we shall go to pick May back from Mei Fang aunty's house.

So good that hubb does not need to work this weekend. We can spend time together, just like April always sings "I love you, you love me, we are happy family......"
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Feel so much better today

I have a really good night sleep yesterday. So I have a very good mood today.
I will keep up my good mood for the rest of the today.

Today is Friday. I wish to go swimming after work with April and Hubb. Then, I want to go Yoga at 7.30pm. Exercise, exercise and exersice.......lost weight, lost weight and lost weight.
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Sleepy Mom

So sleepy zzzzzzzz..... I didn't have a good night sleep last night. Hopefully, tonight I can have good night sleep. I'm so tired, I wonder whether I can go to tonight aerobic class. I can only decide after taking a warm bath after work.
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Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine

There is a new clinic of TABIB ZHONGHUA at my housing area. Chinese Physician Chua Chin Huat has scheduled for 2 time slot for free consultation and medicine. There are Thursday 6pm - 8pm, and Friday 2pm -4pm. After May has taken the chinese herb medicine, her running nose has improved a lot. Although she still have some coughing, I believe she can finally cure, as Chinese Medicine used to be have slow effect.

Since we have let May tried a lot of Western Medicine, her condition was not much improved. We have no choice, but to try for other option like Chinese Medicine. At least Chinese Medicine is not that strong and making children drownsy and sleepy like the effect of most of the Antibiotics.

I don't know how effective is the Chinese Medicine. April is also having Chinese Medicine from there to increase her appetide, as her body is very heaty recently. We have yet to see the result.
I cross my finger, hopefully everything turn out to be possitive.

If both of you are fine already, it is mommy's turn to go to visit him, as mommy has too many sleepless night. I wish to get Chinese Medicine to calm me for better sleep.
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Today is 端午节, I have taken 2 粽子,so it is enough already. Dinner must take something light, otherwise, I have no courage to stand on the bathroom scale tomorrow.

After work, I plan to bring 2 balloons to fetch April from nanny's house to visit May at nanny's house. I enjoy seeing both my two cute cute daughters play around with balloons.
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May's Chinese Lunar Birthday

We celebrated May's Chinese Lunar Birthday on last Friday.

Mother in law cooked drumsticks and red eggs for her. We took some photos on that day. After dinner, we went to pizza hut again, just to try the sensasi Pizza. Huh! you seems enjoyed the mushroom soup very much., and you sister April and father enjoyed the pizza. Mommy only enjoyed the salad. Mommy is on diet.

May, you are still coughing, running nose and having phlegm. Mommy is going to monitor you after taking the cough mixture from Tabib Zhonghua. I hope you will get better by this Friday. Otherwise, mommy has no choice, but to bring you to Penang or Ipoh for further checkup.

Mommy just hope to see you get well soon. My poor darling May.
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Not enough sleep today!

Midnight, I heard April coughing again, although it is just one time, but it enough to scare me and make me awake for the rest of the night. I have reminded Papa to feed her cough mixture, and shall monitor her condition tonight.
By the way, today is May Chinese Lunar birthday. We plan to go to Pizza Hut tonight. Shall take some photos for rememberance tonight, too bad that I grow some pimples on the face due to too many sleepless nights.
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Shed more fat tonight at aerobic

Shall go to aerobic tonight at 7pm, just to shed some fat, but feel very tired and lazy. Besides, I miss May very much. I must visit her tonight at nanny's house. Just want to give her a kiss on her cute cute cheeks. Before that, I must go to pick April back from her school at 6pm. She is attending 3Q Chinese class today.
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Huh! April has no flu

Call hubby at noon. Hubby said April has no trace of flu in the morning. However, hubby brought along the flu medicine to nanny's house. Just in case.......
Huh, I'm must be too worried and too phobia. Until hearing the heavy breathing of April, straight away feel so nervous and scare that she gets cold.
I hope May also can get well soon after taking Singulair since Sunday (10 June).
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Flu, cough and phlegm

Last night, while hubby, April and I were sleeping soundly. Hubby suddenly woke up and listened carefully at April's breathing. I was woke up and listened too. We clearly heard April has stuffy nose an snored loudly. My heart sank. Goodness, are you getting flu again? As you are just recovered a few weeks ago. By the way your sister May is also still with flu, cough and phlegm. She is not fully recovered, and now your turn again. I really worried, but I still need to go to work in the morning. I have to leave you to Papa. I shall call your Papa at noon, just to confirm that you are alright. Hopefully, my mood is not affected today.
Mummy loves April and May.
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