Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine

There is a new clinic of TABIB ZHONGHUA at my housing area. Chinese Physician Chua Chin Huat has scheduled for 2 time slot for free consultation and medicine. There are Thursday 6pm - 8pm, and Friday 2pm -4pm. After May has taken the chinese herb medicine, her running nose has improved a lot. Although she still have some coughing, I believe she can finally cure, as Chinese Medicine used to be have slow effect.

Since we have let May tried a lot of Western Medicine, her condition was not much improved. We have no choice, but to try for other option like Chinese Medicine. At least Chinese Medicine is not that strong and making children drownsy and sleepy like the effect of most of the Antibiotics.

I don't know how effective is the Chinese Medicine. April is also having Chinese Medicine from there to increase her appetide, as her body is very heaty recently. We have yet to see the result.
I cross my finger, hopefully everything turn out to be possitive.

If both of you are fine already, it is mommy's turn to go to visit him, as mommy has too many sleepless night. I wish to get Chinese Medicine to calm me for better sleep.

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