April was down with flu and cough in March. When she has recovered from flu after 1 week, she still has persistent cough for more than a month. We brought her to see a couple of GP and Paediatrician. OMG! One of the GP told us that April is asthmatic.

We feel guilty for not allowing her to take ice cream and cold drink, we feel tension whenever see her running around, we feel sorry to force her taking medicine to control asthma, etc.
Then, we decided to get second opinion from a Paediatrician in Lam Wah Ee Penang.
After X-ray and details checkup, Dr Chua said April was only having bronchitis, and not pneumonia or asthma yet. However, we have to take good care of her, before the bronchitis turn out to be others.

However, I still feel worried, and decided to explore more this topic, so that I can be more prepare. Besides, I can learn more and know more about asthma.

Here I attached a link on asthma, http://www.babyzone.com/loadpage/article.asp?contentid=1953

Quoted from the link as below,
Growing and Thriving with Asthma
The good news is most asthma triggers lose their impact as children grow, and frequently, asthma does not persist into adulthood.
But in the meantime, asthma needn't stand in the way of your child's busy life. Stay in touch with your pediatrician and on top of your care plan to ensure that the only limits placed on your child will be your ability to keep up with him!

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