Durian Season

During my childhood, my father forced me to taste the durian. From crying, now I become so fascinated by durians smell.
It is a durian season again. Since married, hubb never bought any durian back home. When I asked him to buy, he said he is not durian expect, and cannot tell the quality of the durians well. He only know how to eat durians. So disappointed, that make me only can smell the durians from neighbourhood.
Two days ago, I told hubb that I want to eat durians. To my surprise, this time he agreed to buy me on the next day. I was happy like a small kid waiting for the treat.
On yesterady, right after reaching home from work, hubb rushed me to bath and change. He wanted to bring me for durians shopping.
At the end, we bought 4 durians with RM10. I was so happy and content. Happy that hubb is finally buying me durians, content that I finally can smell the durians at my own house already.
Yeah! 谢谢你, 老公。
Actually, I wanted to take some photos of the durians while hubb opened up them. Too bad that he didn't charge the batteries. So, I can't show off my durians in my blog.

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