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First of all, I have to say a big THANK YOU to Meadjohnson Forum. When both my children were down with cough and flu, I tried to seek special remedy from this website. Some of the MJ members recommended E.Excel products - NOCO & ACT. Besides going through some research and study from internet, I also talked to E.Excel members like Jeff and TanLP (from MJ forum), YSMah and EETan (from office). I finally get to know more about E.Excel, and get convinced to use NOCO & ACT for my children.

Hubb and I have spent a lot of $$$ on their medical like medicines, consultation fees, X-ray, Hou Chor San, Poh Ying Tan and Chinese Herbs. Both of them have no significant improvement in their immune system and overall well-being. Since E.Excel products are all nutural herbs (without synthetic chemical), there is no harm to let them try.

NOCO - Strengthens the respiratory system including the lung and respiratory passages. Prevent frequent cold, cough, flu and bronchial distress. Improve asthma, fewer and less severe headache. (Main Ing: Ji-Lin ginseng, Dark plum, Peppermint Leaf, Chrysanthemum leaf, Licorice root, Ganoderma).

ACT - Enhances the immune system, the circulatory and lymphatic systems. Also cleanses and filters the blood of harmful microbes of foreign particles (Main Ing: Ganoderma, Luffa, Alfalfa, Tangerine Peel)

May is taking one capsule each and once daily. April is taking one capsule each and twice daily.
They are taking these supplements for a few days only. I can notice that they have improved a lot. May is totally not coughing now, and only having some phlegm noise. April is totally not coughing at sleep already, and having little phlegm and cough during awake time.

I am still waiting to see them totally getting well. I shall continue to feed NOCO & ACT for at least 3 months.


  1. Good Afternoon!!! is one of the most excellent resourceful websites of its kind. I enjoy reading it every day. rocks!


  2. May I ask if you still allow ur children to consume NOCO + ACT on daily basis? Big improvement after consuming this products?
    I wish to let my children try too.