Our baby sister

Yesterday, as usual April and I went to visit May at nanny's house. We went out for a walk together. I carried May with one arm and hold April with another hand. May has grown a little heavier recently, mommy really has difficulty to take a long walk. After walking for one small round in the housing area, mommy decided to end the walk and take a rest at nanny's house.
As I have a dinner appointment with in-law family, we could only spend a short while there.
When I said good bye to May, she shook her head and kicked her legs. She was showing her refusal on my leaving. Mommy and big sister needed to go anyhow. Papa was working, otherwise we could bring you together for dinner. Mommy couldn't handle both you and your big sister during meal. Be patient 宝贝, tonight mommy will bring you back home.

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