Peace Of Mind

After the following checkup on last Friday at Lam Wah Ee Penang, April's cough has improved much. May is also recovering now, after taking two rounds of antibiotics from the GP. Her cough, phlegm and sneezing have reduced to one or two times per day only. I feels much much better now. I was so mentally stress up when both of them are down with coughing and flu. At least, now I can have some peace of mind to focus of my own things.
When both of my children are sick, I am visiting doctors more than friends or relatives, sigh... Although I scared of all the waiting, travelling, spending etc, I still need to bring them for another one or twice following checkup, in order to make sure they are completely getting well.

Besides, April, hubb and I are looking forward to our holiday trip to Genting on the last weekend of July. So sorry to May that mommy can't bring you along, as you are still too young to take outside food. Moreover, mommy is not capable enough to handle both you and your big sister out of home. Hope you can be a bit patient, mommy and papa will definitely bring you along for holiday when you are grown up.

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