How to stop Sibling Rivalry

I feel very sorry to May for not bringing her to Genting trip in July, and also not bringing her to Adeline's (my friend Su In's daughter) birthday party in August. I feel very upset as well whenever I see April yelling at her little sister.
I really pity May for getting bully by April. I have also tried to talk....and now become a nag to April. Please love and care for your little sister, she is your only sibling, and you are her only sibling too. You girls must love each other forever. Mommy finds that April is sweet and smart, and May is adorable and innocent.
Both of you are so unique in your own way. No matter what, mommy loves you two forever.
Here mommy finds some tips to deal with the sibling revalry.
It's natural that rivalry develops, given the close proximity in which most siblings live. As children vie for attention, try to discover their place in the family, many feel their siblings receive preferential treatment. The results may end in jealousy, teasing, negative attention and competition. Here are a few things parents can do to curb or put a stop to sibling rivalry.

Difficulty: Moderately Challenging

Step One
Ignore fighting that focuses on getting your attention. As long as no one is being hurt, let them work it out on their own and they will see their tactics are not working and stop fighting. This will also prevent you from taking sides.

Step Two
Use positive reinforcement to increase desired behaviors and discuss ways they can handle disagreements. Teach your children how to feel empathy for others by having them serve others, including their siblings.

Step Three
Maintain a home environment centered on teamwork. Tell your children as often as possible that you love them and cherish them as individuals.

Step Four
Think about what triggers fighting and try to limit the chances for the siblings to start fighting.

Step Five
Stop siblings from engaging in competitions with each other before a fight begins. Give children consequences instead of punishments and make sure they are a natural result of their behavior.

Tips & Warnings
Always remain calm and do not let the children see that their fighting is getting to you. Avoid having shouting matches of your own.
Tell your children as often as possible that you love them and cherish them as individuals.
If a child is abused, emotionally, physically, mentally or sexually you must always intervene.

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