April's Bedtime Ritual

April has a bedtime ritual since she was a baby. I'm always the one who tuck her in every night. Only occasinally, her father is slotting in to this job.

09:30pm - 10:00pm : Brushing teeth; washing face, hands and legs;
changing into her pyjamas (she is capable to do it on her own now);
drawing a cross to mark the end of that day at the calendar on the wall;
taking her dummy out from the basket where her dummy always keep;
taking Zaditen and Prolactor for her allergy cough;

10:00pm - 10:30pm : Going upstair to our room;
getting one of her books and sitting on her potty for her businesses.
After we have settle our things downstair, we go to check on her.
Washing her pet pet after she has finished doing her businesses.

10:00pm - 11:00pm : Drinking 8oz milk (Sustagen Kid - vanila flavour) from her milk bottle,
and I read the book that she get while she was on her potty.
Thanks God, she can finish the milk in only 5mins time,
then she goes to her potty again for the last visit of her toilet.
I help her to wear her socks, then off the lamp.

Ooh! Not THE END yet! More to go.....

11:00pm - 11:30pm : Requesting mommy to narrate a virtual story from general topics to her,
eg, lantern get burn, boy bite by dogs, naughty boy at school,
good big sister at home, misbehaviour in the kitchen, genting trip,
drown in swimming pool, etc.
requesting mommy to sing 2 fixed lullabies, 好宝宝 and 妈妈好
(I don't know since when you have fixed these 2 lullabies only).
Then, one very last visit to her potty (I'm praying it is really the last round).

Finally..... THE END.

Mommy is really damn exhausted, and dozing off before you try to chat with me again.

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