May in her 16th month

May is already 1 year and 4 months big now. She is now 9.5kg and 78cm. She has learnt to keep toys away, rinse mouth with a cup, hold a pencil to scratch on a paper, feed herself with a spoon and show her teeth wide for brushing, but she hasn't potty trained yet, sigh........ She has also started to call Pa Pa, Jie Jie, Yeh Yeh (grandpa), Mah Mah (grandma), Gu Gu(my sister in law) and Ker (uncle - baby sitter's husband), but she hasn't called Mommy yet, sad.........

Her first few words are Star, Car and Good, but the rest she pointed with her finger........

May is getting cuter and cuter everyday, at the same time, May is also getting naughtier and naughtier, but my love to May is getting more and more. Hope can hear May calling mommy soon.

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  1. Yan, as always, i feel that May is CUTE!!! **Hug hug and kiss kiss from me to May**