The very last 2 weeks of Year 2007

What I am going to do these last 14 days in Year 2007?

I'm taking leaves and staying home to babysit my 2 daughters. April was just recovering from Pneumonia. During the 6 nights and 7 days of hospital stay, I took care of April 24/7 in GMC Penang. I felt sorry to May, as I couldn't spend time with her. So, I may utilise these 2 weeks to catch up some quality time with April and May.
I don't plan to travel. I just want to stay at my home sweet home with my two lovely daughters and hubb. I plan to cook, to play and to read to them. It is also my orientation weeks to be a Stay At Home Mom(SAHM). I really don't think I will get bored. I don't think I will get tired as well. Hubby is always my good helper.
Am looking forwards to my SAHM weeks.

Oops.....Special thanks to Su In and Valerie who has enlighten my days in Year 2007.

Sayonara 2007. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Till we catch up again.

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