My Diet Methods

Forget to mention my way of losing pounds. I didn't lose weight drastically, I only lost 1 kg per month. So in total I've lost 13 kg when May is 13 month old.

My tips are,

1. having meal without rice, remember not less rice, no rice is the best .
2. drink plenty plenty of water.
3. exercise at least 3 times a weeks, which includes aerobics, yoga, and swimming.
4. other alternatives like using sauna belt from TVShopping.

Last but not least, no starv no lose.
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I did it

I have put on 20 kg during pregnancy. The first day when I went back to office, I told everyone to stop telling me that I am fat. I knew it, and I would do something. I don't have any support but only discouragement words like "It is very difficult to go back to your original shape, woman after birth will surely put on weight, just accept the fact lah." , "No need to on diet lah, after 2 years, may be you will get pregnant again ma! No need lah! So difficult for what.", etc. I hate, and I ignored all, and started to tell myself that I have to prove to everyone that I can make it and keep their mouth shut. I want my shape back.

If I can't be a super model, at least I am a super mom. AZA AZA! 2 more kg to lose.

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AZA! AZA! Almost there

Amazing, this morning when I stood on my bathroom scale, I have lost few more pounds. Very close to my target now. So I must really watch out my diets this few days, in order not to gain weight and lose more.

Hubb is coming back from KL this evening. If he can come back on time and help me to babysit April, I shall be able to go to Yoga to release tension and shed more fat.
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Saturday work shift

Today is my Saturday working day. I need to work on alternate Saturday. How I wish that our company is a 5 work days company.

So, not many people in the office, kind of boring. Luckily I have unfinish stuff to do.
After work, I can able to bring my little May back home. So happy.

April is attending her English lesson this morning. My plan is to go home first, then together with hubb, we go to pick April from MRC 3Q, fetch her to Siew Ru aunty's house. After that, we shall go to pick May back from Mei Fang aunty's house.

So good that hubb does not need to work this weekend. We can spend time together, just like April always sings "I love you, you love me, we are happy family......"
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Feel so much better today

I have a really good night sleep yesterday. So I have a very good mood today.
I will keep up my good mood for the rest of the today.

Today is Friday. I wish to go swimming after work with April and Hubb. Then, I want to go Yoga at 7.30pm. Exercise, exercise and exersice.......lost weight, lost weight and lost weight.
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Sleepy Mom

So sleepy zzzzzzzz..... I didn't have a good night sleep last night. Hopefully, tonight I can have good night sleep. I'm so tired, I wonder whether I can go to tonight aerobic class. I can only decide after taking a warm bath after work.
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Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine

There is a new clinic of TABIB ZHONGHUA at my housing area. Chinese Physician Chua Chin Huat has scheduled for 2 time slot for free consultation and medicine. There are Thursday 6pm - 8pm, and Friday 2pm -4pm. After May has taken the chinese herb medicine, her running nose has improved a lot. Although she still have some coughing, I believe she can finally cure, as Chinese Medicine used to be have slow effect.

Since we have let May tried a lot of Western Medicine, her condition was not much improved. We have no choice, but to try for other option like Chinese Medicine. At least Chinese Medicine is not that strong and making children drownsy and sleepy like the effect of most of the Antibiotics.

I don't know how effective is the Chinese Medicine. April is also having Chinese Medicine from there to increase her appetide, as her body is very heaty recently. We have yet to see the result.
I cross my finger, hopefully everything turn out to be possitive.

If both of you are fine already, it is mommy's turn to go to visit him, as mommy has too many sleepless night. I wish to get Chinese Medicine to calm me for better sleep.
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Today is 端午节, I have taken 2 粽子,so it is enough already. Dinner must take something light, otherwise, I have no courage to stand on the bathroom scale tomorrow.

After work, I plan to bring 2 balloons to fetch April from nanny's house to visit May at nanny's house. I enjoy seeing both my two cute cute daughters play around with balloons.
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May's Chinese Lunar Birthday

We celebrated May's Chinese Lunar Birthday on last Friday.

Mother in law cooked drumsticks and red eggs for her. We took some photos on that day. After dinner, we went to pizza hut again, just to try the sensasi Pizza. Huh! you seems enjoyed the mushroom soup very much., and you sister April and father enjoyed the pizza. Mommy only enjoyed the salad. Mommy is on diet.

May, you are still coughing, running nose and having phlegm. Mommy is going to monitor you after taking the cough mixture from Tabib Zhonghua. I hope you will get better by this Friday. Otherwise, mommy has no choice, but to bring you to Penang or Ipoh for further checkup.

Mommy just hope to see you get well soon. My poor darling May.
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Not enough sleep today!

Midnight, I heard April coughing again, although it is just one time, but it enough to scare me and make me awake for the rest of the night. I have reminded Papa to feed her cough mixture, and shall monitor her condition tonight.
By the way, today is May Chinese Lunar birthday. We plan to go to Pizza Hut tonight. Shall take some photos for rememberance tonight, too bad that I grow some pimples on the face due to too many sleepless nights.
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Shed more fat tonight at aerobic

Shall go to aerobic tonight at 7pm, just to shed some fat, but feel very tired and lazy. Besides, I miss May very much. I must visit her tonight at nanny's house. Just want to give her a kiss on her cute cute cheeks. Before that, I must go to pick April back from her school at 6pm. She is attending 3Q Chinese class today.
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Huh! April has no flu

Call hubby at noon. Hubby said April has no trace of flu in the morning. However, hubby brought along the flu medicine to nanny's house. Just in case.......
Huh, I'm must be too worried and too phobia. Until hearing the heavy breathing of April, straight away feel so nervous and scare that she gets cold.
I hope May also can get well soon after taking Singulair since Sunday (10 June).
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Flu, cough and phlegm

Last night, while hubby, April and I were sleeping soundly. Hubby suddenly woke up and listened carefully at April's breathing. I was woke up and listened too. We clearly heard April has stuffy nose an snored loudly. My heart sank. Goodness, are you getting flu again? As you are just recovered a few weeks ago. By the way your sister May is also still with flu, cough and phlegm. She is not fully recovered, and now your turn again. I really worried, but I still need to go to work in the morning. I have to leave you to Papa. I shall call your Papa at noon, just to confirm that you are alright. Hopefully, my mood is not affected today.
Mummy loves April and May.
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