Hong Kong Tour 07-13 Nov 2007

One fine day in September, Hubb informed me that he has registered April, myself and him for a 7 days Hong Kong tour on 7 November. April and myself were so excited and waiting for the day to come. When we were back from Hong Kong On 13 November, April was so upset, she wished to be there longer. Hubb and myself already broke after the great shopping. Of course, all of us enjoyed the tour and happy with our spending. Don't know when will be our next family trip, I hope we can bring May along then.
The places that we have visited in these 7 days were Hong Kong and Disney Land,深圳, 广州, 珠海 and Macau.

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April in MRC 3Q Year End Concert 2007

I was only informed 4 days before the concert date that April was chosen to join 2 programs in MRC 3Q Year End Concert. I was so happy and I feel so proud of her. This is very good exposure and experience for April. She enjoys her own participation in the concert very much. What a great achievement for her in year 2007. At one time, she was crying and reluctant to attend school. Bravo, April.

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