Change is always constant

Beginning of Jan 2008, I switched April to May's baby sitter's place. Initially I was worried that April might not accept it. After some persuasion and encouragement, she has get used to the change. She is now playing well, eating well and pooing well at the May's baby sitter's place.
Only that the babysitter has to bare with two very small children's noise, fight and routine.

I am pretty happy with this arrangement, as both my children are staying closely to one another. I have accomplished one major task in the beginning of the year.

Besides this change, I have also enrolled April in 2 English classes, 2 Mandarin classes and 1 Art class. Although she is four, I haven't really started her with nursery. She is already occupied with these classes. I shall wait until she is really ready in terms of physically and mentally.

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