Have and not to have 3rd kid?

I have asked myself many many times recently, do I need to have another kid?
I have yet to get an answer myself.
I'm in dilemma now.

A. Why I like to have another kid?
1. Hoping to get a baby boy for my husband family.

B. Why I phobia to have another kid? As,
1. Can't cope well with too many children.
2. Spend less time with my two elder children, hubb and even myself.
3. Can't focus on having a quality marriage life with my partner.
4. Afraid of affecting the comfort zone that we have now.

In short, the only point that I have for A is weighed more that the 4 points in B.

Don't tell me to take time and think of it. We are racing with time now due to the age.

I think I don't want to have kid anymore, unless it is accident and I may accept the god gift.

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