Little May is coming back home everynight soon

I already took April back home every night when April was only 10 months old. May is already 22 months old. So, we decide to take May home every night by end of this month. Effective on 27 March 2008, May will be sleeping together with mommy, papa and jie jie in our home sweet home. Day time, May will still go to baby sitter's place together with jie jie. Mommy hopes that May can cooperate with mommy, sleeping through soundly every night. Mommy thinks that when May is back home everyday, mommy can work out a good sleeping ritual for May. Mommy also believes that May needs mommy's attention and care more,as May is going to 2 years old.

Although mommy is a bit worried of whether mommy can handle both of you well when papa is not at home. It will be a bit stress for mommy in the morning to get ready to go to work, and at the same time send both of you to baby sitter's place.

Anyway, mommy will take this as another challenge in year 2008. Wish me luck. Kam bate.

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