Bedtime ritual

May has been back to home every night since end of March. I have also successfully started up a bedtime ritual for them. At 10pm, when I have got them and myself washed and changed, I'll take both of my sweeties hand in hand to upstairs master bedroom.
They shall have chosen a story books in their hand. I've also ready 1 bottle of Anmum Essential and 1 bottle of Sustagen Kid Vanila in the basket. When I past them the bottles, they'll past me their story books. When I have finished the narrations of 2 story books, they have also finished their milk.
One final round of potty visit, there we go off light. May will sleep on my tummy. I guess she still can't get over her bouncer. April will ask for a hug, kiss and lullabies. There, and then we go into our silent night, and it is already 11pm.

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