Bye Bye Dummies

On Wednesday night, as usual April told us her wish of her next Birthday present. She longs for having a Sleeping Beauty gown. She keeps saying wanted to keep the hair long like Princess Aurora.

Papa suddenly has come out with an idea. Papa said to her, "You won't look like Sleeping Beauty if you keep sucking your dummy.". April replied, "If I wear the Sleeping Beauty Gown, I won't suck dummy, only when I sleep, I need my dummy, Papa". Then, Papa said again, "No, you won't look pretty if you continuous taking your dummy, as it will make your lips and teeth ugly." . May, who was sitting beside them, first to pass her dummy to Papa, as she also wants to be as pretty as Aurora too. Subsequently followed by April. Hubb quickly kept their dummies away.
It was the first night, they went asleep without dummies.

Last night was the second night, April did mention to me that she missed her dummy very very much. I told her that hubb has thrown away. She plead to buy a new one. I said no, "You can only buy a new dummy or a princess gown, which one you want actually? ".
Tonight is the third night. I hope they can really sleep soundly without dummies soon. That will be another major milestone for both of my sweeties.

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