An Empress Another Warriors 江山美人

Last night, after my two princesses have gone to their dreamland, I told hubb that I wanted to watch the <江山美人> DVD that I borrowed from Yvonne this morning. To my surprise, hubb agreed to let me watch and watched together me. In the past, he would not allow as when my princesses have slept, the time was already 11pm, and I needed to work on the next day. It is very rare that both hubb and I were fond to watch a same movie. He liked, as it was about warriors and battles. I liked, as it had my most favourable Leon Lai. Hehe.....
Afterall, I find this movie quite nice, may be it is because of not seeing Leon's movie for quite some time already.

Although it was about warriors and battle fighting, it has several very romantic and touching scenes too. Especially, the romance between Leon Lai and Kelly Chan were so sweet. Let me tell you only the romantic part.
Kelly Chan, she was a princess and she forced to be a warrior after the dead of her father. Leon found and rescued Kelly, when she had wounded badly by her enemies. After being together for a few days with him, she got well and returned to her kingdom. Since then, they missed each other so much........
Then, she decided to give away her throne to Donny Yen, whom was her father adopted son. She went back to find Leon. They were in love............

However, happy moments were not lasting. Her enemies found their hidden place. In order to safe Kelly, Leon.................
If you are interested to know whether the ending is good, please watch An Empress Another Warriors.
One last thing before I forget, the theme song which was sung by Leon and Kelly - 随梦而飞 is a very nice song.
主题曲作词:林 夕
(陈)我何尝喜欢带着伤成长成就他人对我期望 (黎)谁在乎流芳
(陈)人间天堂 (黎)无穷无尽江山(陈)从来没有那么好看

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