Happy 4 Years Old Birthday to April

Today is April's 4 year old birthday. She is our precious first child. She is always Papa's apple pie. Nowadays, I seem to complain hubb a lot for caring April more than May. May be I shouldn't blame him, as he has spent 2 years time more with April than with May. These photos were taken on last Sunday. We bought a 0.5kg Ice Cream cake for her in advance. As this coming Sunday, we'll go to Penang for Disney On Ice show. That is her birthday present.

Ever since, May is coming back home every night, I found that I have less one to one time with April. I hug her less, kiss her less and touch her less. She has also started to complaint, show dissatisfaction and give tantrum to me. Until now, I still can try my best to explain, coax, and calm her down.

Simply because, I do not want to discipline her with anger, I want to discipline with love. April, no matter what, mommy loves you.

April, my sweetheart, you are very smart girl, mommy hopes that you can understand me better. Be a good girl and good big sister. Please do not jealous of your baby sister. She is so innocent and adorable. May needs April, April also needs May.

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  1. Don't worry, very soon, April will get used to have May with her at home. She is such a smart girl!

    Happy Birthday, little sweetie!