Penang One Day Trip

13 April 2008 was our one day family trip to Penang. We all woke up at around 8am in the morning. After washed and changed, we started our journey to Penang at 9.30am. The journey was a smooth one. So we arrived at PISA, Penang at 10.35am. We headed straight to the entrance and saw Alex, Su In and her daughter (Adeline) waiting there. Quickly, I rushed my two young ladies to ladies. Then, we went to get our seats as per the tickets.
The Disney On Ice show was begun at 11am sharp.

April, May and Adeline were fascinated to see their favourites cartoon characters skiing around. April loved Peter Pan, May loved Mickey Mouse and Adeline loved Dalmations & Simba.
The show was ended at 12.45pm. Then we went to Dragon I in Queenbay Mall for lunch. We called Louissa to join us there. After lunch, we went to Su In's new condo at around 3pm. After May, April and Adel had taken the bath, I tried to put my two young ladies to nap, and Su In was also busy putting Adel to nap too, but she failed at end, hehe...tricked by Adeline, she pura pura tidur only.
Very sorry to Louissa that she has to wait for us to accomplish our mission, before we could sit down for a good chat. While chatting, Su In and Alex were also busy to bake a butter cake and cut fruit for April's mini birthday party.

April was very happy to hear everyone singing "Happy Birthday" to her.

A big thank you to Uncle Alex and Aunt Su In for the freshly hot from oven butter cake, unsweetened jelly, kiwi fruit and grapes, party hats, party sets and also the present. Thanks to Sa Sa Ee Ee for taking photos for us. After the mini party, we got ready and went to Teluk Kumbar for seafood dinner. Alex's parents and brother were joining us there too. The dinner was so great, there were more than 10 dishes. Too bad that we did not free to take any photo, as we were all drunk when seeing such delicious dishes. We went back Taiping at 9pm with the full loaded tummies.

Reaching home at 10.30pm, April was so excited to open up the present. It was Tom and Jerry, a story book and a Chinese Poems VCD. In order to avoid sibling battle, I decided to split them. Tom goes to April, Jerry goes to May. Everybody happy.

After April and May were sleeping, I tried to recall the events during this one day trip on my bed. It was so sweet of Su In, Alex, Adel and Sa Sa Ee Ee. Thanks to Aunt and Uncle for the gift too. It was really very very meaningful for our family. We treasure it so much and feel so touch with your hospitality.

April actually can't wait to visit Adeline in Penang again.

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