Toast Sandwiches

When I was expecting April, I told hubb that I wished to make some sandwiches as the breakfast. Without much delay, hubby bought me this sandwich maker. We made some nutritional sandwiches a couple of times. Then, it was kept in my kitchen cabinet for the rest of the time.

Until recently, I suddenly thought of this sandwich maker again. I informed hubb that I wanted to bring it to office, since we do not much luxury time to utilize it at home after having two little monsters. So, from then onwards, I toasted some delicious sandwiches in the office. Sometimes, I shared them with my dearest colleagues as well. These toast sandwiches are so tasty, crispy, healthy and nutritious.

I really can't resist to have them for breakfast almost every morning before work. Oops.... hopefully they are not the cause of the increasing pounds at my bathroom scale wtf.

Here I would like to suggest a few combinations as the ingredient, they are:

1. Margarine with cold meat

2. Margarine with Tuna

3. Margarine with Mackerel

4. Peanut butter with banana

5. Peanut butter with fruit jam

6. Margarine with 'kaya'

If you like egg, you can also spread the egg on top of the sandwiches before toast. Trust me, it will be even more yummy.

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