What a dream

When I returned from work yesterday, hubb told me that he has a weird dream last night. He dreamed of me giving birth to our 3rd baby girl. In the dream, he rode bicycle to hospital to visit me, but he went to a wrong hospital and couldn't find me there. Then, he rode to another hospital at the end. Thanks goodness that our area do not have many hospitals. Otherwise he had to continue to ride and try....He even told me that he received Angpau and gift from my childhood friend, Cannie.
After listening to his very funny dream, I asked him whether he got shock, disappointed, pengsan for another baby girl. He didn't answer all my stupid questions, hahhhhaahheee....

May all his dreams come true??????????

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  1. hmm...your hubb giving hint and green light for 3rd baby!! So you need to act fast! haha!