May's 2 Year Old Birthday

Yesterday evening, as usual hubb and I went to fetch both our princesses back from nanny's place. Then, we went to PIL house. MIL has got almost everything ready for us. She cooked spaghetti (oops, forgot to take photo of her very delicious spaghetti), red chicken eggs, nuggets and sausages. She is a very nice granny. Thanks a lot, mom.

We took spaghetti as our dinner. When SIL family reached, we got our mini party ready. May had been waiting to blow the candles anxiously. April was quite excited too, though it was not her birthday.

However, there was one little unhappy thing happened after the party. April was getting jealous over the attention that May had whole night. SIL gave May a small present, it was a music piano. April was upset that she didn't get any present. She made some noise while we were in the car back to home. Hubb got annoyed and wanted to cane her when we reached home. He threw the cane on the floor, and sort of giving me the authority to cane April. I tried to calm myself down and think of a way to handle her. If I really caned her, the night would be spoilt. We were all in very bad mood. Tonight was for May's birthday celebration, I tried not to ruin this occasion memory. What should I do? April was still crying. Sigh, sibling rivalry again! I took some deep breath to cool down myself. After I finished washing and changing May into pajamas. I took April into the bathroom. I sternly asked her to stop crying immediately, otherwise I would leave her there until she keep quiet. I warned her that my next and the last thing to do was to cane her, and she was the one asking for caning and forcing me to do that. She didn't stop crying immediately, but somehow lower down her volumn a bit. I tried to explain to her that this was May's birthday, so May had the present and not her. She got bigger present from Aunty Su In and it was Tom & Jerry and other things on her 4 year old birthday. She had things that May didn't have. She got to go to Bandung and May didn't. Blablabla..........Finally, she quiet down. Let me wash and change her without any problem. I even coaxed her to wish her sister "Happy Birthday".

I don't know whether I'll have the same patience every time when I run into such situation. I felt I have done right for this time, as everyone was at least having a peaceful night at the end.

Last but the least, thanks to Adeline (Aunty Su In) for the princess pajama.
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April's first gown

April has got her first gown from Bandung. She chosed the pattern and the color herself. She loves the gown very much, and she wishes to wear it day and night. Since we do not have much functions recently. I had to let her wear to her English lesson. When Ms Chang, the center principal saw her at the stair case, she was bright enough to acknowledge April's new gown. She even claimed that April looked like a little princess.

After the class, April refused to take a shower as she didn't want to remove her gown. We have to persuade her, and at the end force her to take the shower. After the shower, she kept looking at her gown, which we soaked for washing. She started waiting for the gown to be dry under the sun. She even told me that all the teachers praised her for looking so pretty in her gown.
Since she loves the gown so much, I'll let her wear it whenever possible. Mother just wishes to see the children being happy.
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Mango Delight or Butter Cup Cakes


Tomorrow is my little May 2 years old birthday. Means she has changed from a little angel to a little monster. She will go through the Terrible Two stage. I still hope that I do not need to raise my cane so often. Pray hard....

I plan to buy her the Mango Delight cake from Secret Recipe. When I called the Secret Recipe, they rejected my order due to short timeline. As April and May were down with cough and cold last week, both have developed think phlegm, that make me dare not order the cake in advance.
I can only have the Mangoes Delight on 29 May, that is 2 days after May's Birthday.
That trigger me to move to my second alternative - butter cup cakes. I'll go out for lunch later and order her some butter cup cakes. If the baker still cannot make it, no choice that we have to delay the birthday celebration to 29 May.

Just back from lunch. No cup cake available. I have placed an order of Mango Delight on 29 May.

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All in Orange

It is time to show off my new yoga attires (RM30) from Bandung, new yoga map (RM50) from brand Lucky7 and my new sport shoes (RM50) from brand Rooke.

Coincidentally, all items are in orange color, but I'm not an orange color lover. My favorite color is still blue. I tried to get everything new, in order to sustain my interest in aerobic and yoga, and to lose more KG.

These are some of the yoga poses that I'm familiar with.
********Upward Facing Dog****************Extended Side Angle******************Side Plank Pose***********

****************Warrior*******************************Tree Pose I************************Tree Pose II************

By the way, I just posed for photos snapping. Special thanks to my cameraman, Mr Chow.
These are the photos of my tree pose, when the minor earth quake happened in town, so the tree was swinging, before it lost the balance and fell on the land. Just to create some jokes, due to the boredom. wtf.
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Day 4 - Bandung Indonesia

13-May, 7am - Breakfast at hotel. That was also the last meal in Bandung. We had to check out, left for airport and flied back to homeland. At airport, we checked in 2 big luggages and hand carried 2 more luggages. Luckily we got one empty luggage ready solely for our newly bought items, otherwise......had to buy a new luggage like what the others did la!

We arrived at the Bundung airport very early, we had ample time to get our luggage weighed and checked in. At the same time, we tried to catch up with the trip members whom we spent 4 days having meals, shopping and taking bus together.

April, who was very well behaved throughout the whole journey. I was very proud of her, kisses....hugs........

This baby boy is hubb's colleague's 4th son. He is so cute until I couldn't resist to look at him everytime.

How I wish to have a baby boy as cute as him?

No need to envy people la! My own blood is cute too, right?

Last but not the least, before taking off, another photo was self-snapped by hubb on Air Asia plane. Ta ta Bandung.

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Day 3 - Bandung Indonesia

12 May, 7pm - I woke up with very good mood. That was because I requested 2 more pillows from the housekeeping. I have used to sleep with one pillow and cover the face with another pillow. Although, we were charged for extra 2 more pillows, I felt so worthy for the sweet dream that I could get.

Day 3 in Bandung was also the last shopping day. This day programs were shopping from morning till dawn. First, we went to Pasar Baru. This place was mostly selling Malay clothing and accessories. Initially, we didn't have much interest to shop there. Later, we also found things that we liked too. For our princesses, they had 2 pyjamas, one pink gown, and one suit of blouse and pants. 1 batik shirt for father in law, 1 batik dress for my sister, 1 blouse and 1 legging for myself. While we thought of returning to the bus, I saw a shop which sold sport wears. To my surprise, I found some yoga attires there. Another surprise, the price was damn cheap lo! Without much considering, I chose 2 pairs of yoga attires and 1 sport bra top for Yvoone.
Next, we went to Elizabeth bags and shoes factory outlet. As we still hadn't bought anything for my mother in law for the Mother's day, Elizabeth bag was the best choice. We went round and round, and finally found one that hubby and I felt that mother in law would like.
2pm - Lunch time, makanan padang again, sucks! We also had to eat, as we didn't want to starve ourselves. After the lunch, the bus stopped at bag and shoes boutiques street. I didn't get down from the bus, due to April fell asleep again. Only hubb went down to hunt for good items. Too bad, when he returned, he got nothing in his hands. He is such a stingy man.
The next stop before dinner was another children wear boutique. April saw the Sleeping Beauty princess gown that she longs for. It was only RM90, but Papa disallowed us to buy, because he said the gown could hardly wear to any function. It is too grand to wear on normal day, so it is not worth to buy. We tried to pacify April. We bought her half dozen of princess pencils instead, Papa thought that pencils are more useful. Luckily, April was a very good girl. She nodded with only slight disappointed smile on her face.
Right after dinner, tour guide got agreement from everyone that no more shopping afterwards. Everyone should go back to hotel to rest, as the next day, we had to leave Bandung early in the morning.
However, hubb and I wished to grab somemore items at Rumah Mode and Donatello (a shoes outlet). At Donatello, I bought a pair of sandals. At Rumah Mode, hubb was so proud that he found pair of Gucci pants which has a label printed 'Made in Italy' and a shirt too. I was not bad tough, I found an Abercrombie & Fitch T-shirt and another Old Navy boxer. We were all satisfied and happy to call off our Bandung shopping spree. When we took a cap to go back to Sukajadi hotel, goodness that hubby ran out of rupiah. Luckily, when reaching the hotel, we saw our dearest Lani, the tour guide at the entrance. She had saved us from being embarrassed. Huh! Sweat.
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Day 2 - Bandung Indonesia

11 May, 7am - Morning call rang. We woke up with the body batteries fully charged. Before we went to take our buffet breakfast, we dropped by the pool side and snapped some photos there. We all looked so fresh in the morning.

After taking the breakfast, we also snapped a couple of photos at the hotel lobby. April saw the small wooden chair, and I told her that was meant for small children. She was overjoyed.

I tried to do some slut pose over the patung-patung but then I too worried of the black magic that was quite famous in Indonesia. Oops, did I do anything that was forbidden there? I hope not.

8.30am - Our first spot in Day 2 was going to the Gunung Berapi hill. I actually couldn't remember the place name. Luckily, I found the name at the below photos. This popular tourist spot was Taman Wisata Alam. Gunung Tangkuban Parahu. This place was quite similar to our Cameron Highland. The weather there was cooling and windy. There were a lot of stalls selling good like T-shirt, hats, sweaters, scarfs, souvenirs, etc. We bought 2 T-shirt there for our princesses.

Next, we went the Hot Spring. It was another very crowded tourist spot, especially we went there in the weekend. So we could only soak our foot there for a while.

2pm - Lunch time again. April was too tired and she fell to sleep in the bus. So I had to delay my lunch and accompany her in the bus, while everyone get down to enjoy the sucks food. When April woke up, I got her and myself some bread with butter and kaya again. However, we found the bread taste so much better than the Indonesian food. Sorry, no offend ok!

After the lunch, our shopping tour continued from day 1. The tour guide brought her to this very famous jeans street. A long the streets, there were all boutique outlets selling jeans. As there were too many shops, our eyes also became @.@. We only bought 2 pyjamas for princesses, 1 short pants for myself and 1 t-shirt for my nephew. Then, we went to Giant to buy some cup mee, mineral water and junk food. After wandering for a few hours, dinner time again. The best part was after the dinner.

8pm - I've learned that Rumah Mode was one of the largest and the best factory outlets there. Therefore, we tried to gobble down the dinner, and took a walk to Rumah Mode and Natural boutique, while the rest still slowy enjoyed the dinner. Yes, we didn't feel disappointed at all, Rumah Mode was really full with branded women, gent and children clothing. Another round of shopping battle for me. At the end of the day, I got 1 boxes, 2 T-shirts, and hubby also got 1 T-shirt. We tried to save some money for the subsequent shopping on the next 2 days.

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Day 1 - Bandung Indonesia

10-May, 6am - We woke up, washed and changed, took a taxi from Kok Wah's house at Bukit Jelutong to KLIA low cost terminal. After hubb checked in the luggage, we were damn hungry then. We took our breakfast at McD. I ordered 3 small chicken porridge 1 cup of coffee and 1 cup of milo. April was very excited and happy, while we were waiting for the departure at the airport, though this was the 3rd time she took flight. It took 2 hours to arrive in Bandung airport. April managed to cat nap during the flight.

12pm - We arrived at Bandung airport. Lani, an In don Chinese, she was our tour guide, led us to the bus. Then, we started our tour in Bandung. First, the bus took us for a short city tour around Bandung. The bus stopped at the Sate House for us to snap some photos. I didn't find the Sate House interested at all, it was just a building. Anyway, we still took our first photo there.

Next, the bus brought us to ANAKHECIL, a children wears boutique. I grabbed a few T-shirts for April and May, a pair of jeans for April and some pants for May. The brands that I could get were Old Navy, Espirit, Sonama, Gymboree, etc. We had the lunch at about 2pm, it was Makanan Padang. The food was all spicy and sucks. Pity April that she needed to take only white rice with some fried chicken meat. After lunch, April fell asleep again in the bus, while the bus stopped at the next shopping spot, a batik boutique. We didn't buy anything there, as batik was not our choice. After that, we went to several factory outlets, such as Heritage, Laza, Summit etc. I managed to get a few tops and a pants there. When everyone batteries were gone flat, we went for dinner. The dinner was only slightly better than the lunch.

8pm - We checked in to SUKAJADI hotel. It was a 3 stars hotel. We got a king size bed and a single bed in a family room. The room was big, nice and clean. The bathroom had a bath tube, that April enjoyed the most every time we stayed in the hotel. After a long and tiring journey, I got April and myself shower first, while hubb was busy unpacked the luggage and packed the stuff that we bought just now. After the bath, we felt more refreshing, I made April some snack. There were bread with kaya and butter, and a cup of honey, which we brought all the way from our homeland. We slept around 10pm. What a long tiring, and satisfying day 1 in Bandung!

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My nails art

My very first nails art was finally done by my dearest colleagues - Angeline. She has sacrificed her lunch time to paint and draw my fingers and toes' nails. I chose the pattern of 迷彩 and she chose green and silver to be the background. She kept confirming with me for using green as the base, as she felt that green color was very 'jingjang'. She said most people like to use red instead. I just want something different. I think that green is fresh and young.

Nice or not?
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My first Mother's Day Cards

I returned from work yesterday, hubb told me that both my naughty girls skipped their afternoon nap at the nanny's place. OMG! This was already the 2nd time in this month. Immediately, I called my nanny to check on the reason why they skipped nap. The nanny told me that April was being very playful during nap time. She sang songs loudly and kicked her legs on the wall while in the bed. Thus, May was influenced by April and she sang along as well. Consequently, both laughed non stop and totally not in the mood to doze off.

I couldn't help myself for being so angry with April, as she was the main cause for ruing May's nap time. While we were in the car after fetching April from her 3Q Mandarin lesson, I started to question her for not taking nap and blame her for causing the sister not nap too. I told her that I was mad and disappointed at her behaviour. I spanked at her legs, as she kicked on the wall. I slapped her mouth, as she sang song too loud. She was just quiet.

When my mood was completely spoilt, she put her hand inside her school bag. Next, she lifted a lips shape card. Then she passed it to me and said, "Mommy, teacher said this is for you.". My heart was half melted at once. This was the first Mother's Day card that I long for many years, but why I received it when I was in such a bad temper. How sweet it would be, if I could receive it when both of them were well behaved. Life wasn't perfect T__T.

As later the evening, April had another Art replacement class. I tried to stop lecturing her, as I didn't want to affect her mood at art class, although I still couldn't forgive her for the repeated cheekiness. When her art lesson ended, she gave me another Mother's Day card that she created, drew and painted herself. It was a portrait of me holding a rose. So, another half of my heart was melted.

Nevertheless, I still warned her for not repeating this again, I'm a mother who is very particular about their nap time. I have set a rule clear, if they both take nap, I'll read them 2 bedtime stories; if only May takes nap, 1 bedtime story; if none of them take nap, no bedtime story and we have to go off light earlier.

Tonight, we shall go to KL and tomorrow we need to take flight to Bandung, Indonesia. I really hope that April can take a nap today, so that she won't be so tired at the journey to KL.

To my little May, sorry that mommy wasn't in a good mood last night, and I had to let you sleep with a tear drop at the side of your eyes.

Frankly, am I being too perfectionist? Am I putting too high expectation on my children? Why my EQ is so low? I can't tolerate easily when my children are misbehaviour. Please....advise me.

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers who read my blogs.
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1. Time flies, it is already in May. My wedding anniversary is in May. My second daughter, May was also born in May too. Next weekend, we shall go for holiday in Bandung, but May has to live with babysitter when we are away for 5nights. I am going to miss you, my little May.

2. Last Saturday night, hubb and I watched another DVD together, when both my sweeties were in dreamworld. It was starred by Andy Lau, Samuel Hong, Maggie Q, etc. It was all about China Legendary. If you are not interested in the China historical story, then you may not enjoy this movie. Hubby and I were quite enjoying the movie.


3. Bravo, I won 2 contests this month. I participated in the slogan contest about Quality & Operation Excellence in my company. I got the idea from LiHom's song "Forever Love", that's my hubb call-in ring tone. So, the slogan goes "Quantity is Together, Quality is Forever", and I won 3rd prize, that's worth RM50 . I have utilized it to buy myself a new yoga map. Another contest that I took part was winning a book GROWING UP GREEN: Baby and Child Care by Deirdre Imus, that I needed to blog about Going Green and ValueBookShop. At the same time, I had to recommend as many friends as possible to visit the website of ValueBookShop. Finally, I was the 3rd winner too, and I just received an email from AiLian that she has sent out the book. So happy.

4. Boss is coming back to office tomorrow after away for 2 weeks. I shall expect a long 'tea' session tomorrow T_T.

5. Tonight is yoga night. I must go to shed some fat, in order to make myself look more fit in the photos during the Bandung trip.

6. 7-8 June, we whole family shall go to Teluk Batik, Lumut to have some fun. That's hubb's company's 2008 Family Day & Sport Carnival. I am quite looking forwards to this event, as I believe my children like to play at the beach. I must remember to bring some beach set toys there.
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How to Raise Your Child With Praise

We all want to teach children how to behave without making them feel bad. However, two to five-year-olds view everything (including themselves) as 'good' or 'bad' and nothing in between. Children want to please. They want to be good and at the same time they will need your help.

Children need discipline when they are doing something bad and praise when they are doing something good. Positive words help them learn how to do things correctly without making them feel that they are bad.

1. Focus On the Good

  • Parents need to remember that children do not only need the reminders and the lecture but also the praises for their good behaviour. If you tend to focus more on their bad behaviours and dismiss the good ones, you'll be surprised to find the good ones will slowly disappear!.

2. Be a Role-model

  • Raise them in an environment that is 'praise-friendly'. Children pick up what they see in the environment. You must then watch your words and behaviour because it's simply unfair for you to criticise and be negative around your child and not expect him to pick up on it.

3. Every Little Act Counts

  • When you praise them or encourage their little efforts, their confidence will be boosted and they will have the courage to dream for bigger things. And basically you'll be telling them, keep up the good work and they will and they will even surprise you with other good behaviours.

4. Catch Your Child Being Good

  • Every child needs attention and love but sometimes parents tend to dismiss them due to busy schedules and only give them their undivided attention why they misbehave! Watch for when your child is being good and be sure to pay extra attention to good behaviours instead. Teach your child the best way to get your attention is to be good and remember a your child loves to help.

5. Spend Time with Your Children

  • One thing that parents often neglect to do with their child is to listen to them. Listen to what they have to say and remember to praise them if they did something good and of course do reprimand them for bad behaviours. Remember the trick is not to ignore the bad behaviours but to reinforce the good ones. Discipline is necessary as well!

6. The Discipline Act

  • It's not pleasant but let's face it, no child is perfect and there will be times a good dose of discipline is needed. But patience on your end is an absolute must! Depending on how old your child is, let them know that it is also a time for them to reflect on their actions and ask them to never repeat it again.

7. Set Clear Rules

  • When you want proper discipline you need to be straight on the rules so your child won't be confused and it's easier for them to stick to it. Setting clear rules also give a proper guideline to your child as to what constitutes as good behaviour.

8. Some Tips to praise your child

  • "Nice colouring."
  • "Good sharing."
  • "I love it when your place nicely with your sister."

So, incorporate these simple tips with yoru child and you will get the hang of it in no time at all!

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