April's first gown

April has got her first gown from Bandung. She chosed the pattern and the color herself. She loves the gown very much, and she wishes to wear it day and night. Since we do not have much functions recently. I had to let her wear to her English lesson. When Ms Chang, the center principal saw her at the stair case, she was bright enough to acknowledge April's new gown. She even claimed that April looked like a little princess.

After the class, April refused to take a shower as she didn't want to remove her gown. We have to persuade her, and at the end force her to take the shower. After the shower, she kept looking at her gown, which we soaked for washing. She started waiting for the gown to be dry under the sun. She even told me that all the teachers praised her for looking so pretty in her gown.
Since she loves the gown so much, I'll let her wear it whenever possible. Mother just wishes to see the children being happy.

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