Day 2 - Bandung Indonesia

11 May, 7am - Morning call rang. We woke up with the body batteries fully charged. Before we went to take our buffet breakfast, we dropped by the pool side and snapped some photos there. We all looked so fresh in the morning.

After taking the breakfast, we also snapped a couple of photos at the hotel lobby. April saw the small wooden chair, and I told her that was meant for small children. She was overjoyed.

I tried to do some slut pose over the patung-patung but then I too worried of the black magic that was quite famous in Indonesia. Oops, did I do anything that was forbidden there? I hope not.

8.30am - Our first spot in Day 2 was going to the Gunung Berapi hill. I actually couldn't remember the place name. Luckily, I found the name at the below photos. This popular tourist spot was Taman Wisata Alam. Gunung Tangkuban Parahu. This place was quite similar to our Cameron Highland. The weather there was cooling and windy. There were a lot of stalls selling good like T-shirt, hats, sweaters, scarfs, souvenirs, etc. We bought 2 T-shirt there for our princesses.

Next, we went the Hot Spring. It was another very crowded tourist spot, especially we went there in the weekend. So we could only soak our foot there for a while.

2pm - Lunch time again. April was too tired and she fell to sleep in the bus. So I had to delay my lunch and accompany her in the bus, while everyone get down to enjoy the sucks food. When April woke up, I got her and myself some bread with butter and kaya again. However, we found the bread taste so much better than the Indonesian food. Sorry, no offend ok!

After the lunch, our shopping tour continued from day 1. The tour guide brought her to this very famous jeans street. A long the streets, there were all boutique outlets selling jeans. As there were too many shops, our eyes also became @.@. We only bought 2 pyjamas for princesses, 1 short pants for myself and 1 t-shirt for my nephew. Then, we went to Giant to buy some cup mee, mineral water and junk food. After wandering for a few hours, dinner time again. The best part was after the dinner.

8pm - I've learned that Rumah Mode was one of the largest and the best factory outlets there. Therefore, we tried to gobble down the dinner, and took a walk to Rumah Mode and Natural boutique, while the rest still slowy enjoyed the dinner. Yes, we didn't feel disappointed at all, Rumah Mode was really full with branded women, gent and children clothing. Another round of shopping battle for me. At the end of the day, I got 1 boxes, 2 T-shirts, and hubby also got 1 T-shirt. We tried to save some money for the subsequent shopping on the next 2 days.

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