Day 3 - Bandung Indonesia

12 May, 7pm - I woke up with very good mood. That was because I requested 2 more pillows from the housekeeping. I have used to sleep with one pillow and cover the face with another pillow. Although, we were charged for extra 2 more pillows, I felt so worthy for the sweet dream that I could get.

Day 3 in Bandung was also the last shopping day. This day programs were shopping from morning till dawn. First, we went to Pasar Baru. This place was mostly selling Malay clothing and accessories. Initially, we didn't have much interest to shop there. Later, we also found things that we liked too. For our princesses, they had 2 pyjamas, one pink gown, and one suit of blouse and pants. 1 batik shirt for father in law, 1 batik dress for my sister, 1 blouse and 1 legging for myself. While we thought of returning to the bus, I saw a shop which sold sport wears. To my surprise, I found some yoga attires there. Another surprise, the price was damn cheap lo! Without much considering, I chose 2 pairs of yoga attires and 1 sport bra top for Yvoone.
Next, we went to Elizabeth bags and shoes factory outlet. As we still hadn't bought anything for my mother in law for the Mother's day, Elizabeth bag was the best choice. We went round and round, and finally found one that hubby and I felt that mother in law would like.
2pm - Lunch time, makanan padang again, sucks! We also had to eat, as we didn't want to starve ourselves. After the lunch, the bus stopped at bag and shoes boutiques street. I didn't get down from the bus, due to April fell asleep again. Only hubb went down to hunt for good items. Too bad, when he returned, he got nothing in his hands. He is such a stingy man.
The next stop before dinner was another children wear boutique. April saw the Sleeping Beauty princess gown that she longs for. It was only RM90, but Papa disallowed us to buy, because he said the gown could hardly wear to any function. It is too grand to wear on normal day, so it is not worth to buy. We tried to pacify April. We bought her half dozen of princess pencils instead, Papa thought that pencils are more useful. Luckily, April was a very good girl. She nodded with only slight disappointed smile on her face.
Right after dinner, tour guide got agreement from everyone that no more shopping afterwards. Everyone should go back to hotel to rest, as the next day, we had to leave Bandung early in the morning.
However, hubb and I wished to grab somemore items at Rumah Mode and Donatello (a shoes outlet). At Donatello, I bought a pair of sandals. At Rumah Mode, hubb was so proud that he found pair of Gucci pants which has a label printed 'Made in Italy' and a shirt too. I was not bad tough, I found an Abercrombie & Fitch T-shirt and another Old Navy boxer. We were all satisfied and happy to call off our Bandung shopping spree. When we took a cap to go back to Sukajadi hotel, goodness that hubby ran out of rupiah. Luckily, when reaching the hotel, we saw our dearest Lani, the tour guide at the entrance. She had saved us from being embarrassed. Huh! Sweat.

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