How to Raise Your Child With Praise

We all want to teach children how to behave without making them feel bad. However, two to five-year-olds view everything (including themselves) as 'good' or 'bad' and nothing in between. Children want to please. They want to be good and at the same time they will need your help.

Children need discipline when they are doing something bad and praise when they are doing something good. Positive words help them learn how to do things correctly without making them feel that they are bad.

1. Focus On the Good

  • Parents need to remember that children do not only need the reminders and the lecture but also the praises for their good behaviour. If you tend to focus more on their bad behaviours and dismiss the good ones, you'll be surprised to find the good ones will slowly disappear!.

2. Be a Role-model

  • Raise them in an environment that is 'praise-friendly'. Children pick up what they see in the environment. You must then watch your words and behaviour because it's simply unfair for you to criticise and be negative around your child and not expect him to pick up on it.

3. Every Little Act Counts

  • When you praise them or encourage their little efforts, their confidence will be boosted and they will have the courage to dream for bigger things. And basically you'll be telling them, keep up the good work and they will and they will even surprise you with other good behaviours.

4. Catch Your Child Being Good

  • Every child needs attention and love but sometimes parents tend to dismiss them due to busy schedules and only give them their undivided attention why they misbehave! Watch for when your child is being good and be sure to pay extra attention to good behaviours instead. Teach your child the best way to get your attention is to be good and remember a your child loves to help.

5. Spend Time with Your Children

  • One thing that parents often neglect to do with their child is to listen to them. Listen to what they have to say and remember to praise them if they did something good and of course do reprimand them for bad behaviours. Remember the trick is not to ignore the bad behaviours but to reinforce the good ones. Discipline is necessary as well!

6. The Discipline Act

  • It's not pleasant but let's face it, no child is perfect and there will be times a good dose of discipline is needed. But patience on your end is an absolute must! Depending on how old your child is, let them know that it is also a time for them to reflect on their actions and ask them to never repeat it again.

7. Set Clear Rules

  • When you want proper discipline you need to be straight on the rules so your child won't be confused and it's easier for them to stick to it. Setting clear rules also give a proper guideline to your child as to what constitutes as good behaviour.

8. Some Tips to praise your child

  • "Nice colouring."
  • "Good sharing."
  • "I love it when your place nicely with your sister."

So, incorporate these simple tips with yoru child and you will get the hang of it in no time at all!

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