All in Orange

It is time to show off my new yoga attires (RM30) from Bandung, new yoga map (RM50) from brand Lucky7 and my new sport shoes (RM50) from brand Rooke.

Coincidentally, all items are in orange color, but I'm not an orange color lover. My favorite color is still blue. I tried to get everything new, in order to sustain my interest in aerobic and yoga, and to lose more KG.

These are some of the yoga poses that I'm familiar with.
********Upward Facing Dog****************Extended Side Angle******************Side Plank Pose***********

****************Warrior*******************************Tree Pose I************************Tree Pose II************

By the way, I just posed for photos snapping. Special thanks to my cameraman, Mr Chow.
These are the photos of my tree pose, when the minor earth quake happened in town, so the tree was swinging, before it lost the balance and fell on the land. Just to create some jokes, due to the boredom. wtf.


  1. Mr Chow? Haiyoh, you address him so formally. Call him laukong more mesra mah.

  2. hehe interesting...can snap more yoga photos and teach people already ;)

  3. Aiyo, who snap photo for you, ur Mr Chow? Please la...call hubby ma

  4. Yvonne and Angeline,

    Am just trying to be rich and possess a personal cameraman. No need to do camhoring like Yvonne.wtf.


    Teach people??? Didn't you see my tree pose as a result of minor earth quake. Teacher cannot off-balance so easily.

  5. Yaya, too bad I don't own a cameraman T___T
    Btw, now ppl heng camwhoring