Mango Delight or Butter Cup Cakes


Tomorrow is my little May 2 years old birthday. Means she has changed from a little angel to a little monster. She will go through the Terrible Two stage. I still hope that I do not need to raise my cane so often. Pray hard....

I plan to buy her the Mango Delight cake from Secret Recipe. When I called the Secret Recipe, they rejected my order due to short timeline. As April and May were down with cough and cold last week, both have developed think phlegm, that make me dare not order the cake in advance.
I can only have the Mangoes Delight on 29 May, that is 2 days after May's Birthday.
That trigger me to move to my second alternative - butter cup cakes. I'll go out for lunch later and order her some butter cup cakes. If the baker still cannot make it, no choice that we have to delay the birthday celebration to 29 May.

Just back from lunch. No cup cake available. I have placed an order of Mango Delight on 29 May.

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  1. Hmmm....Mango delight slice looks yummy :D