May's 2 Year Old Birthday

Yesterday evening, as usual hubb and I went to fetch both our princesses back from nanny's place. Then, we went to PIL house. MIL has got almost everything ready for us. She cooked spaghetti (oops, forgot to take photo of her very delicious spaghetti), red chicken eggs, nuggets and sausages. She is a very nice granny. Thanks a lot, mom.

We took spaghetti as our dinner. When SIL family reached, we got our mini party ready. May had been waiting to blow the candles anxiously. April was quite excited too, though it was not her birthday.

However, there was one little unhappy thing happened after the party. April was getting jealous over the attention that May had whole night. SIL gave May a small present, it was a music piano. April was upset that she didn't get any present. She made some noise while we were in the car back to home. Hubb got annoyed and wanted to cane her when we reached home. He threw the cane on the floor, and sort of giving me the authority to cane April. I tried to calm myself down and think of a way to handle her. If I really caned her, the night would be spoilt. We were all in very bad mood. Tonight was for May's birthday celebration, I tried not to ruin this occasion memory. What should I do? April was still crying. Sigh, sibling rivalry again! I took some deep breath to cool down myself. After I finished washing and changing May into pajamas. I took April into the bathroom. I sternly asked her to stop crying immediately, otherwise I would leave her there until she keep quiet. I warned her that my next and the last thing to do was to cane her, and she was the one asking for caning and forcing me to do that. She didn't stop crying immediately, but somehow lower down her volumn a bit. I tried to explain to her that this was May's birthday, so May had the present and not her. She got bigger present from Aunty Su In and it was Tom & Jerry and other things on her 4 year old birthday. She had things that May didn't have. She got to go to Bandung and May didn't. Blablabla..........Finally, she quiet down. Let me wash and change her without any problem. I even coaxed her to wish her sister "Happy Birthday".

I don't know whether I'll have the same patience every time when I run into such situation. I felt I have done right for this time, as everyone was at least having a peaceful night at the end.

Last but the least, thanks to Adeline (Aunty Su In) for the princess pajama.


  1. you did a superb job, you explained to April nstead of canning her. Coz canning will make her more jealous and she is still too young to understand everything. We really need to calm ourselves and explain to them and also set the Do and Don't to them so that they will not go beyond the limit. Nice sharing of the experience, i will get myself prepared for such situation too!

  2. Joanne, thanks for your support. It is always not easy to handle two. Patience and calm are crucial in such situation. We can always exchange experiences. Don't worry. Btw, enjoy your pregnancy.

  3. Ah sibling rivalry. There's not a day that goes by without it. Very tempting to reach for the cane hor? Takes every ounce of energy not to do it. I understand.
    Anyway, now that you know what will happen, you can be better prepared next time. One trick is to psycho them few days in advance - remind them of the extra attention the other sibling will get. Try to be sympathetic. You have to admit, it's nothing to us but it is a big deal to them. Another trick is to prepare a small gift for the non-birthday girl. Sort of like a "thank you" for being so good.

  4. Oh, forgot to wish May "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" Don't be a terrible two but a terrific two :)

  5. Ai Lian,

    Thanks for sharing the great tips.
    You are right and giving very good comments that I really appreciate.