1. Time flies, it is already in May. My wedding anniversary is in May. My second daughter, May was also born in May too. Next weekend, we shall go for holiday in Bandung, but May has to live with babysitter when we are away for 5nights. I am going to miss you, my little May.

2. Last Saturday night, hubb and I watched another DVD together, when both my sweeties were in dreamworld. It was starred by Andy Lau, Samuel Hong, Maggie Q, etc. It was all about China Legendary. If you are not interested in the China historical story, then you may not enjoy this movie. Hubby and I were quite enjoying the movie.


3. Bravo, I won 2 contests this month. I participated in the slogan contest about Quality & Operation Excellence in my company. I got the idea from LiHom's song "Forever Love", that's my hubb call-in ring tone. So, the slogan goes "Quantity is Together, Quality is Forever", and I won 3rd prize, that's worth RM50 . I have utilized it to buy myself a new yoga map. Another contest that I took part was winning a book GROWING UP GREEN: Baby and Child Care by Deirdre Imus, that I needed to blog about Going Green and ValueBookShop. At the same time, I had to recommend as many friends as possible to visit the website of ValueBookShop. Finally, I was the 3rd winner too, and I just received an email from AiLian that she has sent out the book. So happy.

4. Boss is coming back to office tomorrow after away for 2 weeks. I shall expect a long 'tea' session tomorrow T_T.

5. Tonight is yoga night. I must go to shed some fat, in order to make myself look more fit in the photos during the Bandung trip.

6. 7-8 June, we whole family shall go to Teluk Batik, Lumut to have some fun. That's hubb's company's 2008 Family Day & Sport Carnival. I am quite looking forwards to this event, as I believe my children like to play at the beach. I must remember to bring some beach set toys there.

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