My first Mother's Day Cards

I returned from work yesterday, hubb told me that both my naughty girls skipped their afternoon nap at the nanny's place. OMG! This was already the 2nd time in this month. Immediately, I called my nanny to check on the reason why they skipped nap. The nanny told me that April was being very playful during nap time. She sang songs loudly and kicked her legs on the wall while in the bed. Thus, May was influenced by April and she sang along as well. Consequently, both laughed non stop and totally not in the mood to doze off.

I couldn't help myself for being so angry with April, as she was the main cause for ruing May's nap time. While we were in the car after fetching April from her 3Q Mandarin lesson, I started to question her for not taking nap and blame her for causing the sister not nap too. I told her that I was mad and disappointed at her behaviour. I spanked at her legs, as she kicked on the wall. I slapped her mouth, as she sang song too loud. She was just quiet.

When my mood was completely spoilt, she put her hand inside her school bag. Next, she lifted a lips shape card. Then she passed it to me and said, "Mommy, teacher said this is for you.". My heart was half melted at once. This was the first Mother's Day card that I long for many years, but why I received it when I was in such a bad temper. How sweet it would be, if I could receive it when both of them were well behaved. Life wasn't perfect T__T.

As later the evening, April had another Art replacement class. I tried to stop lecturing her, as I didn't want to affect her mood at art class, although I still couldn't forgive her for the repeated cheekiness. When her art lesson ended, she gave me another Mother's Day card that she created, drew and painted herself. It was a portrait of me holding a rose. So, another half of my heart was melted.

Nevertheless, I still warned her for not repeating this again, I'm a mother who is very particular about their nap time. I have set a rule clear, if they both take nap, I'll read them 2 bedtime stories; if only May takes nap, 1 bedtime story; if none of them take nap, no bedtime story and we have to go off light earlier.

Tonight, we shall go to KL and tomorrow we need to take flight to Bandung, Indonesia. I really hope that April can take a nap today, so that she won't be so tired at the journey to KL.

To my little May, sorry that mommy wasn't in a good mood last night, and I had to let you sleep with a tear drop at the side of your eyes.

Frankly, am I being too perfectionist? Am I putting too high expectation on my children? Why my EQ is so low? I can't tolerate easily when my children are misbehaviour. Please....advise me.

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers who read my blogs.

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  1. Yan, don't worry, you just want to make sure both your princess have their nap and teach them how to be more discipline. But sometime, take it easy,ok! But i am sure, both of them understand your intention!

    Drooling, when i look at the 2 mother's day card!!! When can i get my first card from Kelvin??? HAHAHAHA