May is already 25 month old

After having April as our first precious baby girl. We were actually hoping that our 2nd baby would be a boy. I could still remember that hubb and I were quite disappointed to know the baby was a girl again. We always worried that we might not love her as much as April. I also concerned that she might not be as smart as April too, as I didn't read, sing, and talk that much to her during the pregnancy. I was so scared that I had less bondage with her.
Today she was already 25 month old, she speaks fluent, she plays puzzle and Lego well, she likes drawing, and learns fast. What else should I worry about? Just that, when we really take closer look at both of them, April is fair and meaty, and May is tan and skinny; April is noisy and playful, and May is quiet and shy; April is rough and May is soft. They are unique in their own way.
Yesterday evening, when April was attending her weekly art class, I alone with her. She was so well-behaved. She wanted to do her art too. I let her use April's study desk and chair. Poor little May, only dared to sit on April's chair when the Jie Jie was not around. She was very concentrated, and asking me to look at her colouring work on and off.
She is picking up quite well, we shall not worry too much, and shall only love her more.
p/s: 1. She has fully trained-trained at month 21.
2. She has given up her dummy at month 22.
3. She has no need to sleep in Sarung at month 24.


  1. Happy 25 mths, May!
    Yan, you over worry! See, May is such a well behave little girl. You must be feeling proud of her!

  2. Gal or boy doesn't matter. They are still your own children.Don't you feel worry so much ya. Stay Cool