Medley II

09-Jun:Monday blue wtf. Early in the morning, boss assigned new job and additional responsibility to Yvonne and myself. He told us that it was time to expand our job scope, and have to pass our expertise to new hire in future. I had a lot ??????? in my mind. What the heck he is planning to do? Passing down the expertise that we gained through so many years of experienced and hardship, wah! you think so easy ah?
At the same time, we have to acquire new skills that equally hard for us, as we are lacking of fresh mind and free time. But, what the hell can we say? He is boss. We still need the job.
Late in the afternoon, I suddenly received a call from the nanny. I could hardly hear her voice through the phone. I could hear clearly that April was screaming and crying so loud from the background. My heart sank deeply. I wanted to be there as soon as I could, but I couldn't. We were warned that we are not allowed come in later than 8.15am and leave earlier than 5.30pm. Wtf, who set such stupid and inflexible rules? Too bad that I have to suppress my eagerness to reach April immediately. This is the bad point of a working mom. I feel so remote every time the children need me.
Finally, I reached baby sitter's home at 5.45pm. After listening to the nanny, I couldn't help my disappointment towards April, and the next time I caned her angrily. Nanny was actually complained to me that she was dominant on the choice of cloth that May was to wear. When her sister and babysitter refused to follow her, she was mad and throwing terrible tantrum.
As a result, I felt pitiful and guilty to see April's arms and legs were swollen and bruised. I guess I still need to read a lot of parenting book. I wish to have better ways of handling this kind of issues. Why can't I be more patient and sympathetic? April deserved a chance to explain, and I promised to discipline children with love earlier.

10-Jun: This was a date of our marriage registration 8 years ago. To my surprise, hubb could remember the date when I was totally ignorant. 如果真的有来世,我还是会选你做我的老公。
Thanks for your love, your care, your support, and everything.

I claimed my Valentines, Birthday and Anniversary gifts at one time.

11-Jun: Finally all my ??????? were answered. Why are we suddenly assigned additional jobs while our own jobs are still with us (no new hire so far)? Yong is leaving us soon, boss finally announced. So, Yvonne and I were to take over her jobs. It is always not a pleasant news to have, when we are appointed to take over a resignee's job. We got to have some EQ, in order to accept this job calmly. I try to think positive and convince myself that it is a chance to learn new knowledge, wtf.

12-Jun: April returned home with her 2 first father's day cards. Mandarin teacher taught her to fold and decorate a man shirt card. Art teacher taught her to draw and color a father bear and baby bear card.

Papa, you deserved them. So many loves that you sweeties pie drew for you.

13-Jun: The hand over training were officially started for several days since the announcement. The learning process is quite slow, I have to admit that age is catching up and I really need a lot of practices to cope with the job.

14-Jun: Working Saturday for me. This evening, hubb, April and I shall attend a wedding dinner of my childhood friend. We don't bring May, as we believe that she is still too small for such function. Let me think of what to wear tonight. April has already decided on wearing her favourite pink gown from Bandung. I shall drop by Giant later to get her a nice hair band to match her gown. Besides, I have also scheduled myself a facial at noon, my face needs a thorough housekeeping.

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  1. Yan, hoping and counting the days that my calvin would did that to both of us..So Sweet