Eversince blogs and facebook have become a trend. Photos taking has also become part or our life. It was our working Saturday, Angeline was in the midst of closing the month-end finance accounting and yet able to squeeze some time to pose for the photos. See the proof as in the photos below. She is a humble, bright, joyful and happy go lucky mom. From her smiles, you know right? She is the only very close friend of mine from other department. I really enjoy our cherish moment together.

Mei is the youngest in my department. She joined us only last year, we sit just opposite to each other. She is very contrast to me. I am a chatter-box. I stay silence only when I am upset, sick or tire. She is so quiet, until I can hardly know how she feels about the things that happen around her. Sometimes, I may even concern that whether she is alright when the rest of us are so noisy, especially the boss is not around. Anyway, we cannot expect everyone is the same. She may like to keep things in herself. Though she seldom talks, she is nice and sweet young lady. Again, this is proved by the photos below. She is the one who helps me to save a lot in my hair cut. I can get a nice hair wash and cut with only RM5 now, after she recommended me to her hair stylist.

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  1. hehe.. i know i m quiet. but..thats how i am all this while heheheh...
    but no worries la, i can chat anything if want... :p
    and i m alright with those chatting in the dept ;))

    p/s: haih i look so odd wif spec in photos T__T