Teluk Batik Family Day 1

06-Jun, 10am - I was on leave, but I sent two monsters to baby sitter's house. As, Hubb and myself needed to pack the Bak Zhang at PIL's house and sent to office for those colleagues who ordered from me earlier. (I helped selling MIL homemade bak zhang to colleagues every year.)

After that, we went to collect the flowers accessories that I ordered last night. Without wasting anymore time, we went back to take the shower, took lunch at the restaurant which was the nearest to the baby sitter's house. Then, we went to pick up the two well-prepared monsters and started our journey to Teluk Batik.

2pm - After travelling about 1.45 hours, we finally reached the service apartment which was located opposite to the Teluk Batik beach. Hubb got the unit at 4th floor. When we got into the unit, April, May and myself were so excited to explore every corner of it.

This was an extra queen size bed which placed at the living hall.

This was the most enjoyable place for these 2 monsters - mini bath tube.

This was the dry kitchen. I actually brought the slow cooker to cook porridge for them on the following day.

This was another queen size bed inside the room.

The room was attached to bathroom.

6pm - I bought them to the beach after their nap, but they didn't seem to enjoy much. Especially May, she was so afraid of the crowd at the beach. I decided to bring them to the pool. Unfortunately, when I got them ready in their swim suits, then only I found out that the pool was closed at 7pm. Luckily, I could keep them satisfy and entertain with this mini bath tube.
8.30pm - Dinner time. The food were all Malay style and were all spicy. April and May could only take some steam egg and rice.

April and May at the lobby, while waiting for hubb to take the car and bring us to tour at Sitiawan.

Hubb got a voucher of RM100 from his badminton tournament. We utilised it to buy the Sleeping Beauty single bed sheet for April and 2 bras for myself. After shopping for a while, we went to have our supper as we didn't eat much at the dinner just now.

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