Teluk Batik Family Day 2

07-06, 10am - I cooked the pork meat porridge when they were still in their bed, and hubb was out for the sport carnival. When both of them woke up and finished their milk. Again, I let them bath in the tube. They were enjoying themselves with all the beach set toys. After the bath, it was about lunch time, I fed them the pork porridge.

12pm - Hubby called me from the lobby, asking me to join him at the lunch buffet. The food were all as expected, hot and spicy for my children. Luckily, they were full already. I gave them some pineapple as their dessert, while I was enjoying my own food. After the lunch, we took some photos at the pool side.

April, May and mommy.
April and May.
May fell down while we were walking to the beach yesterday. These were the scratches on her knees. Pain, pain, so pitiful....
April, May and Papa.

April and May: "Mommy, we want to swim here this evening.".
Mommy: "Can, we have to go back and must take a nap first.".

5.30pm - Yeah, we were in the swimming pool. This was the first time that May was in the pool. She was quite scared iniitially. After a while, she was also having fun in the water. Before we could enjoy longer, it was started to rain. Then, quickly we went back to the apartment to wash ourselves. We had to get ready for the Hawaiian theme dinner soon.
8pm - We arrived at the dinner place.
Hawaiian girl.
Hawaiian baby.
Too bad, none of us won the Hawaiian fashion contest. The organizer was too racist and being too bias to Malays. All prizes were won by Malays. We were so pissed off, as it was so unfair, the winners were not wearing as per theme. April was so down and disappointed. This was also causing her to throw some tantrum late at night.
Anyway, life isn't perfect. Things aren't always what they seem. We all have to learn to accept it.

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