Doctors or Chefs?

Grand nannies bought a doctor play set and masak-masak set for them. April chose the doctor set and May chose the masak-masak. I was a bit worried that these 2 different play sets would bring me another sibling crisis back home. So....Before the play was started, I told them that once I heard them quarrelling, the play has to be stopped, and everyone would go to bed immediately.

Hehehe...this works fantastically. See how they played with their new toys.

Without skipping their routine visit to potty, they played with their stethoscopes hanging on their neck.

They busy prepared and fed each other medicine and food.

Having their meal on the potties. Yucks....

As long as they can play and share their toys without making any compliant to me, I'm the happiest mother on earth, but this will not last long.

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