Eating too much already


I felt myself really eating too much and too heavy recently. Since 2 weeks ago, I was craved with Durians. Don't get me wrong. Not only pregnant women have certain craves. Imma such a durians lover, so walloped a lot of durians and felt damn guilty. Last weekend, MIL stroked the lottery, she treated us the seafood dinner at Matang. On the following day, again she prepared a large pot of nasi lemak for thanks-praying to 'Datuk Kong', as she believed that 'Datuk Kong' was the one to let her win the money, wtf. Then, I attended the farewell dinner for Yong on Tuesday evening. Yesterday, I went and ate porridge seafood at Matang with a group of colleagues. As a result, I dare not weigh myself. I hate knowing my weight before I really go on strict diet. So, my goal from August onwards is to lose weight. Yan, please use whatever strength that you have, just to lose weight. I'm sure you can do it. Don't let me look down on you, you must in control of your own body.

Some photos which I took in Yong's farewell. Today is her last day. Change is always for the better. Wish you best of luck for all your future undertakings. I wonder when will be my farewell then.

Group photos.

Another group photos.

I like this photos so much, as I look so slim in this photos.

Today I went out lunch with Yong and also the rest of the colleagues, just to celebrate her last day lunch with us. We went to Secret Recipe, I ordered the Singapore Laksa. I felt so sinful, so I didn't finish it. As I planned to eat few slices of plain bread for lunch only, so sad that my plan was spoilt. Nevermind, I'll work even harder. Gambateh.

From left: Yong, Mei, Angeline, Khoo, Sim and Lorita Leong.

me, Mei and Angeline.


  1. Such a nice blog. I hope you will create another post like this.

  2. It could widen my imagination towards the things that you are posting.