How a busy working mom to stay healthy?


I have talked about my daily supplements in my earlier post. I still have some daily routine that I am always trying to follow, in order to make myself stay healthy and feel good.

1. Drink a cup of warm water right after waking up, and before brushing my teeth.
(it believes to have better result, if you can drink the water even before you make any conversation.)

2. Take breakfast.

3. Drink plenty of water.
(not limit to 8 glasses, as many as you can take)

4. Do exercise at least 2 times a week.
(I do yoga, jogging and aerobics, preferably 3 times a week)

5. Ideal life is having peace of mind everyday.
(this is quite hard to achieve, due to I'm a normal human being, so I do have certain extent of worrisome, fear, tension and anger)

6. Shit every day.

7. Smile always.

8. Self examining my breast during shower.

9. Take my daily supplements, Kordel's C Time and EPO.

10. Applying body lotion on hands and legs right after bath.

11. Applying facial mask twice a week.

12. Eat varieties of food, but cut down on carbohydrate intakes, eat more fruit and veggie.

13. Exfoliating the face and body once a week.

14. Applying the anti-wrinkles serum on the entire face, including eye areas and neck every night before bedtime.

15. Wearing minimal make up to work.
(For me are lips stick, mascara and 2-way cake with UV proctection.)

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