My daily supplements

Before I was a mom, I didn't any food supplements. Nowadays, I need to have something which can boost up my immune system and overall well-being.
I am a person who don't really trust any Direct Selling products. I find them are way too expensive then they worth. In another word, I feel that the direct selling products are all over-priced. So, I always get my best supplements from Watson, Giant or any other pharmacies.

1. C Time from Kordel's, as I want to prevent myself from getting flu, cold, cough and sore throat. If I got any of the desease, it will sure pass down my poor children. So, C Time is my choice to get rid of the allergy symptoms.

C TIME ACID FREE C 1000mg is a high strength non-acidic form of Vitamin C, formulated from calcium ascorbate and citrus bioflavonoids.
Calcium ascorbate is a neutral, natural form of vitamin C that is held in the body longer than ordinary Vitamin C, thus increasing its effectiveness. In addition, when Vitamin C is excreted in the urine, it also increases excretion of essential minerals such as calcium. By taking Vitamin C in the form of calcium ascorbate, calcium that is excreted can be replenished and calcium deficiency prevented.
Bioflavonoids are compounds found naturally with Vitamin C, which help to improve the absorption of Vitamin C. Both Vitamin C & bioflavonoids also work synergistically to protect the structure of capillary blood vessels.

What is it for?
Maintain immune system - fight infection, cold & flu
Maintain connective tissue — aid tissue healing & wound repair
Ideal for those with sensitive digestion who cannot tolerate acidic form of Vitamin C.

Take 1 tablet daily with food

2. Evening Primrose Oil, it is for the skin, the hormone and it believed to delay aging at the same time.

EVENING PRIMROSE OIL (EPO) provides 10% gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), an essential omega 6 which is often missing from our diet. GLA is necessary for the production of prostaglandin E1 series (PGE1) which is needed in the regulation of many body functions.
Evidence suggests that symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) are related to deficiency of GLA. EPO being a direct source of GLA could help to reduce the symptoms of painful menstruation and relieve some of the symptoms of PMS. EPO has also been used to treat skin problems due to its unique fatty acid content. Significant reduction in inflammation and itching has been reported in eczema patients who are given EPO supplementation. EPO also exhibit anti-inflammatory effect on swollen and painful joint conditions in arthritis.
Every batch of KORDEL’S EVENING PRIMROSE OIL is tested for peroxide level both at the point of extraction and after encapsulation to ensure freshness of the Omega 6 oils.
What is it for?
Relief of premenstrual syndrome
Skin problems such as eczema
Relief symptoms of arthritis
Take 2 capsules 3 times a day, preferably with food
Take 1 capsule 3 times a day, preferably with food

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