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I changed my hairstyle again. I enjoyed changing hairstyle. Whenever I change my hairstyle, I feel refreshing and new. I hate seeing myself the same old way in mirror everyday. Funny thinking right? Actually I have tried having short hair many times, I particularly like my hair color very much this time. My friend commented that I'm vogue, luckily she didn't say I'm vain. The advantages of having short hair is to save up a lot of water, shampoo and maintenance time. The disadvantage is that I need to go for hair trim every now and then to keep my hair in shape, so incur $$$$.


  1. yeah nice hair!! hehe..reasonable price somemore ;)i thought of cutting short hair too but dun have the guts @__@

  2. wow, so nice, make u look younger by 10 yrs!!! Modern mom's look!!I don't have the guts like you to try with new hair style.

  3. Hayley,

    Thanks for your compliment.


    U are a bit over exaggerated, 10 years are a lot. Anyway, thanks for your compliment too.