After long silence

I was damn busy at work recently, until I neglected my blog. This post is going to be very random.

1. Start my new diet plan yesterday. I bought the formula 1and formula 3 soy powder from Herbal Like. It is a replacement meal. I drink it for my breakfast. I would like to lost 3 more kg by next CNY. Hubb said that I can claim back the money that I spent on the replacement meal from him, if I successfully hit my target weight. So, I must really starve harder now.

2. April and May were both getting bigger and more independent, and I have more time for myself and hubb now. When both of them were in bed, hubb and I used to watch a nice DVD together. We just watched "Money is not enough 2" 2 days ago.

3. Tomorrow, I'm on leave. We go to Cemeron Highland for another only 4 members family trip. Since it is so hot recently, we shall be there to enjoy the cool air and have steamboat at the same time.

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