Cameron Highlands 2 Days and 1 night Trip

The last time hubb and I visited Cameron was 7 years ago. That time we went as a newly wed couples. This was the second time, we brought along our two angels. Cameron is totally different from Genting. Cameron is a very natural, fresh, cold, rest and relax place. We visitted places Bee Farm, Self-Plucking Strawberry Farm, Butterfly Farm, Boh Tea Centre and Plantation, and Rose Valley.

This was the self-plucking strawberry farm. April and May enjoyed using scissors to cut the strawberries.

We were at the butterfly farm. Can you see the butterflies rest on the plant?

The view at the balcony of Hotel Heritage.

The Boh Tea Centre at Sungai Palas.

Our last spot before going home was the Rose Valley. Everyone was enjoyed and tired.

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