My two precious daughters

Look at them, my two precious daughters. I enjoy taking photos of them every time we get ready to go out. April and May are getting closer and closer now. They play, eat and sleep together. It is a very fun thing to see them play, and listen to their communication. However, it is a tense moment too, when they start to cry, fight and yell at each other.
April is 4 year and 7 month, 18.5kg. May is 2 year and 5 month, 11.4kg. Their favourite TV shows are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Tom and Jerry, Pink Panther, Woody Wood Packer, Mr Bean, Barbie, Tiny Planet, Three Little Brown Bear, Dandy and Daddy, and all other Disney Cartoon Movies.
Every night when both of them sleep next to me soundly, I feel so grateful that I am granted with two lovely and healthy daughters.


  1. April and May :D such nice names.

  2. I think it fits very well and is quite sexy without going over the top.