Talk to me

I have nothing much to blog recently, except that I'm now only watching the very famous TVB series Moonlight Resonance. Due to this series, I kept waking up to burn midnight oil, and this has led to my acne break out at my jaw line T_________T. Last night, I have watched the episode 26. Another 14 episodes to go.
It is the rainy season now. I'm weird, I like raining. As I find the air is so fresh and clean everytime after raining. Especially raining at the night time, the air is so cooling, it is so nice to sleep even without using air-con. I simply prefer rainy days and I hate hot and hazy days. Sorry to those that need to suffer from the traffic jam due to the rain.
Besides, I have started on the CNY clothings shopping. Fast right? Let me count, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 pieces already. If no major function in these 3 months, I'll keep them for CNY.
Here, I would like to share this very sentimental song "Talk to me" here, it is also the subtheme song of MR.

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