Yellow + Orange = ?

Last Friday evening was my MIL's Birthday celebration dinner. When I back from work, I quickly took a shower and started to dress up. While dressing up, I kept asking hubb how was it? Nice? Can? I was worried and scared that people couldn't accept my sense of fashion. I wore a yellow dress shirt and peach orange pants stocking. What a daring combination of colours right? It was my first time to have such colours combination too. Everything also have the first time right? When I completed my make up, I requested hubb to help me to take some shots to scare my blog readers and fellow friends WTF. Angeline and Mei have asked me the same question, "What shoes that u wore then?" Thanks for your thoughtfulness, I wore a black pumps. Angeline said "Simple and In". Mei said "Nice and In". Su In said "Super model mum". You ladies have made me smile wide until can reach ears.
Here it goes. What is your comment?

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