First handcraft with my children

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Over the weekend, we worked on a handcraft - photo frames. At first, April brought home an inspiration photo frame from her MRC 3Q Chinese class. When May saw it, she would like to have one too. So, I decided to let them work on it one more time during the weekend.
First I gave each them a paper. Next I drew a big rectangle and a small rectangle inside the big one. The small rectangle was in the 4R photo size. Then I let April draw some patterns within the two rectangles on her own. As for May, I drew small triangles around it. They coloured the photo frames all by themselves. To my surprise, May was able to colour it very nicely. After finishing colouring, I cut the rectangles out and glued them on a cupboard papers. April was helping me to glue the 4R photos on the small rectangles. Finally, I thought of the lucky stars that we kept in the cabinet long long time ago. The lucky stars were actually folded by their father as the 'sweet sweet love' gift to their mother during their old dating and courtship time. Luckily, we still well-kept it and now it was utilised as the kid craft items.
Two of them enjoyed sticking the lucky stars on the photo frames for decoration.

Ta daaaaaaaa the end result of our first handcraft that we did together at home.

This was the handcraft that April brought back from her last MRC 3Q Chinese class, as I had registered her into a new local kiddy - Genius Mind Center. April has given it to me to put it on my office cubicle.

This is May's photo frame. Although the colour is not very even, overall she has done a very good job by using different colours and coloured within the lines.

This is April's one, she did all the drawing and colouring herself.

So proud and happy of them with their self-created photo frames.


  1. Bravo April and May. Nice artwork! Mummy must be feeling super proud with both of you.